Graduation time

Ok, I know it’s getting to be an annual event, me graduating, this’ll be the third year running.  Definitely the last though. I got a letter inviting me to upgrade my degree to an MA in education. No ta.  For starters, I’m sick of studying and for mains, if I was going to do an MA it wold be in photography not education.

Bob took along a grown up camera because we thought it would be nice to get a picture of the whole PGCE class as we’d all got on so well.  Sounds like a plan.  As it turned out, there was only five of us there and we’d all been sat in different places, not with or own group.  Gutted.  Here are a couple of pics from the evening.

here’s me getting my five seconds of fame, worth three hours of waiting about for anybody, that.
On the invitation letter it instructed us to wear academic dress. I interpreted that to mean the cap, gown and hood.  The other 499 people graduating took it to mean wear black and white or grey in addition to the gown. My, I felt conspicuous.  As I’d worn a dress I didn’t have a button to attach my hood to and all my brooches were too big so I wore my International Rescue badge that I used to wear on my flying suit.
Is it really sad that I used to quite fancy Scott Tracy ?

After the ceremony, we didn’t do as the majority of the students seemed to and head for the insanely busy pub over the road with music bouncing off the walls. Instead, B and me along with Sue and Ken went for a sedate meal at Frankie and Benny’s.
The long awaited Southport Firework Festival is tonight. I’ve been watching the weather all week. Why, I have no idea, it’s not like I could change it for one I liked better, is it? As it happens it’s a bit foggy and dull but not forecast to rain so, YAY!!
As it also happens, every time there is a big event to go to, one of P & G’s kids goes down with a bug and can’t go.  This time it’s poor Danni. The vomiting bug that attacked her earlier in the week has left her a bit weak and shaky so G decided it was better if she didn’t go tonight.  I’ll bring her back a glow stick as a consolation prize.
It’ll be the first time we have been in O’s company since the trauma’s of last week. It will take a LOT of effort on my part to be a grown up and not snarl at him when he appears.  I’ll do as my circle leader at church says and keep repeating the mantra,  ‘think golden light’.  Golden light? It’ll take a bloody sight more than golden light.
Tomorrow sees the first of the wedding fairs for this season. The last two days have been spent producing promotional material and redoing one of the sample albums as the old one was looking a bit shabby, and to be honest, we do better work now. I’m quite looking forward to it as we have made a few friends at wedding fairs as the time as gone on. Hope it’s busy though, we need the bookings.

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