What a busy busy day it’s been. I’m knackered!!!!! ( to any non common as muck or non English folk, that means really, really tired).

After a 5.30 start today it’s been pretty much non stop. All of it nice though – for a change.

After getting all my chores done super early, me and C went for a posh coffee in town. After that I took the dog for a walk and then mid walk decided that we could go and get the christmas tree as it was quiet at the factory and B and C were practically twiddling their thumbs.

What I didn’t realise was that it would take quite as long as it did for us to find just the right tree – and that made me late for my planned studio shoot with Liv and Dan who wanted to be ice princesses in the little studio set I built. After leaving instructions for DIL to strat on the girls’ make up we dashed back.

Once back at the studio I didn’t have time to think it all through as I normally would before doing a shoot so, not really thinking too much about the lighting and blah de blah blah I just hastily threw it all together as DIL wasn’t looking too thrilled at being kept waiting. EEEEK!

The sodding cameras meter was thrown by all the glittery stuff and back focused on every one of Dan’s shots but as Liv’s were close up it worked better. here are my favourites from the shoot.  Apart from a severe case of ‘pink ear’ I really like this one.

I luuuuurve the bokeh (little round, blurry, out of focus bits – sorry if that sounded patronising)  in the background on this second one.

After the shoot, B and me went out for a garlic fest at the local Italian restaurant. hell, it was so garlicky my breath is even offensive to me!! God help our poor dance teacher in the morning!!


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