stupid o’clock

I was driven out of my bed at stupid o’clock again by the cacophany coming from B’s direction and the coughing fits that have returned with a vengeance. God, I thought all that was behind me!!

I’d love to say that I’ve made good use of my time since I got up but nah…. I’ve been facebooking and net surfing. I found this article that made me laugh, it’s about a little Christmas mouse that sings, ‘Jingle Bells’ – or not. You decide.

Last night I watched a programme about Russell Brand.  He is one of those people who has a way of invoking strong feelings  – people either love him or hate him. I love him – well, you know, when I say love – I don’t really mean love. That would be strange in a bunny boiling, stalkery kind of way, wouldn’t it? Probably better if I said I admired him.

Pic from

Although he looks and quite often sounds like a buffoon he is actually a funny, funny man with a fantastic grasp of language and nuance. Highly intelligent and controversial, he confessed to saying things that were deliberately controversial or shocking in order to provoke what he called’ an awakeness’ in his audience, to grab there full attention.  Really fascinating stuff, thoroughly enjoyed it.  He gets away with (mostly – let’s not talk about the Andrew Sachs incident)  saying what I’d really like to say. For once it was a programme that caught my attention and wasn’t just moving wallpaper, loved it.

Dog walking was fun yesterday, I met up with my sister and niece with one of their dogs Rio, an Alaskan Malamute and went for a nice long walk around the nature trail.  This dog here isn’t Rio, it’s just a looky likey.

The dogs ran about 15 miles each as they went nuts chasing each other round and generally behaving like a couple of giddy kids.

At one point they jumped over a brook, raced up the hillside and ran full tilt into a wire fence that they hadn’t seen, first Twitchy got bowled over and then about three seconds later, Rio did exactly the same.  They both scrambled to their feet and did that looking around thing that humans do when they fall to make sure no one had seen them do it.  Unfortunately for them me, Steph and Sam were doubled over laughing.  The poor dogs stood there dazed for a minute, looked at each other as if to say, ‘what the HELL was THAT?’  and then Twitchy staggered back to me and wouldn’t leave my side again for the rest of the walk. Poor thing, it scared her half to death.


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