Parties all the way

What a busy few days.  Thursday was N’s birthday – such as it was. Last night my sister and her daughter had a joint birthday party for their  40th and 21st birthdays and hen this morning was O and D’s Christmas party at their dance class.  As if all that isn’t enough it is N’s official birthday party tomorrow night at a nice – ish hotel in Darwen. Always assuming we aren’t snowed in, that is.

So, Where shall I start?

The snow arrived as promised. Yoo hoo!!! Er…. I think.  Snow is fab as long as I don’t have to drive in it.

Remember I told you how i had to make a late night drive into the next town to pick up my Bobby from his boys’ night out?   Well, All night I’d been working my way p into a frenzy panicking about the drive in the snow. I panicked so much that I parked the car 1/4 mile away at the top of the lane so I wouldn’t get stuck on the track.  Trudging back home in the howling wind with the snow whipping my face I was congratulating myself on my forward thinking.  When he phoned me to pick him up I trudged all the way back to the car, wrapped up like I was off on an arctic expedition and with B’s overcoat, boots, scarf and gloves with me in case we got stranded.  Finally arriving back at the car I realised the roads had all been gritted to perfection and it was all very straightforward. All that panicking for nothing!!

Friday morning came around and with it lots more snow.  AT which point I started to bark instructions to B about how we would get a bucket load of grit from the bin on the lane and grit our track.  I am so good at delegation!!  I did go with him with every intention of getting stuck in but I met one of the neighbours and chatted away to her while B got on with the work.

Gritting the track was great fun. I sat in the boot of the car spreading the grit, scattering it round like I was feeding the hens, while B drove slowly home. The grit worked a treat, by the time we got to the bottom of the track and drove back up all the snow had gone.

Picking up the dog, we went for a walk to the park in the lovely, crisp air. The dog went nuts when we got to the park, she seemed to think she was some kind of doggy snow plough as she ran up the common with her nose pressed to the ground, making deep furrows in the snow as she went.  Hysterically funny to watch, attracting quite an audience from the owners of other, more sensible dogs.

Soon it was time to pick up D & O and get ready for Steph and Sam’s party.  Snow or not, party gear is party gear so on went my vertiginous heels with the new dress I got the day before. The new dress it turns out has to be kept under control as it has a a tendency to flash my boobs at inappropriate moments.

More about the party later – I have to go and get on with some work now.  TTFN


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