happy Birthday to Neil – again

We made it then, to the restaurant for Neil’s ‘official’ birthday dinner party.

Despite severe weather warnings, tons of snow, the restaurant ringing up to make sure we were still intending to go, B being full of a cold, cough and sore throat (again), the roads not being gritted and taxi’s not turning up – we made it!

Let’s not understate the bit about the roads not being gritted – even the bus routes were thick with snow, how B managed to get us there and back in one piece I’ll never know, the man is a genius snow driver.

When we eventually all arrived at the restaurant (see: taxi’s not turning up) We sat and enjoyed a little drinkie while we waited to be seen to our table.  There was a wedding in the hotel as well. A wedding!! That must have been a tricky day, apparently they turned up 1 1/2 hours late to the reception. I’m surprised they made it at all!!  I wonder if they shot the photos outside against the snowy backdrop? I wonder if the bride ‘disappeared’ on her own photos? She’d just look like a floating face, wouldn’t she?

Anyway, back to the plot. B was getting more poorly by the minute, he just sat and never spoke all night, just the occasional sniff or cough reaffirmed his presence. The snow continued to fall and the birthday cake I’d ordered didn’t arrive. It was only when I was paying the bill that I remembered that it should have been sent to the table after the main course to have as dessert.

I mentioned it to the waiter taking the payment and he asked me if I’d like to take it home – to which I replied that I’d prefer a refund as the whole point of having it was to celebrate N’s birthday and we won’t all be together again till Christmas Day.  Well, he disappeared, the manager appeared from nowhere, scuttled past us into the kitchen and then bugger me if they didn’t come out of the kitchen with the cake, candles blazing, singing happy birthday while scanning all our faces searching for the likely candidate!!!!  It’s a bit bleeding late, when the bill is being paid and we are all getting into our coats. A point I made as I requested that it be removed from the bill.

The journey home was a bit fraught, we all crammed into the car and B once again managed the treacherous journey brilliantly. He even managed to get us up the hill to home. Amazing. We’d put big coats etc in the car in preparation for a long walk home up the hill.  I don’t know how he managed it as it’s not a brilliant car on snow and there were other cars skating all over the road.

The plan for today was to take L shopping. It’s her birthday on Wednesday so she wanted some new clothes. Can’t see that happening today. The snow has finally stopped but now we have strong winds blowing it all over then place.  Roll on spring!!

 Bloody snow. It’s great when all you have to do is play in it!

Talking of playing in it, here are a few pics from Saturday when we were sledging down the field.

Since we took these pics we’ve had loads more snow, if we can’t get out at all at least we’ll have something to keep us amused.  The dog must have run up and down the hill 60 times, she followed everyone down and even jumped onto the sledge when Paul was on it!!  Heeheeee, so funny, that dog’s bonkers!


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