Merry Christmas to one and all

Every now and then a Christmas comes along that is so good it blows your socks off.

The week leading up to it had been a bit fraught, at one point we decided to change the venue to P & G’s because we’d had so much snow we didn’t think anyone would be able to get in or out of our house. Brother in law and his 4 wheel drive sorted that out for us.   Bless him, he even offered to let us keep it all day Christmas Day. We declined his kind offer because if we’d have taken it we probably wouldn’t have given it back – it was BRILLIANT!

All the food and gifts were ferried back to our house, the turkey was cooked, B and N were threatened with a fate worse than a fate worse than death if they nicked any of it.  The traditional Christmas Eve advocaat (sad but true)  was poured and we settled ourselves down and waited for Father Christmas to arrive.

Christmas morning dawned. N was working at 10.00 am. ( the downside of being a chef, I suppose) so wanted a lift to work about 9.30 which meant an early start for us.  I was glad really because it was the first time C hadn’t been at home for Christmas and it was a bit quite – it just felt wrong and far too sedate. I do like a bit of chaos on Christmas morning.

Traditionally on Christmas morning we go and see our friends M & S, we’d already been the night before in case we got snowed in but picked up C and popped to M & S ‘s for bucks fizz and croissants and a bloody good laugh!!!    As usual we exchanged tasteful and refined gifts. Me and B gave Stu some Caribbean finger drums and M a book called…. wait for it….  ‘It looks like a c**k’, a book of photographs of things that look amazingly like man bits.  We roared with laughter. M laughed to the point where it gave her a headache!!!  Oops time to go.

B dropped me at home and then went back to pick everyone else up while I peeled a small mountain of spuds, at this point wishing I hadn’t gone for that third glass of bucks fizz.

The family landed and brought with them the chaos I’d been waiting for. It was mayhem!!  Ellie has worked out that presents are for opening but not that they aren’t all for her to open.

 The sherry and canapes C made went down a treat, she had made about 80 pigs in blankets and little cheese puff thingy’s, a perfect accompaniment for Slade playing away in the background. Was there ever a better song for getting people in the Christmas mood than Slade singing ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’  I would have pasted the video but Blogger won’t let me.

Liv was there as well but somehow managed to avoid the camera.

All of my hints during the year had been picked up and I was thrilled when I unwrapped a Wii fit plus. Yay!!!  That proved to be the star attraction of the day and kept everyone amused while I made the dinner.

C had spent several months knitting me a scarf, her first ever attempt at knitting. She almost got it finished, she got right to the end and then realised she didn’t know how to cast off the stitches. Here’s her having a tutorial from Gem.

And here is the finished product.

It caused much hilarity, my new scarf.  Knitted with love and a great deal of cussing!!!!


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