Yay!! It’s 2010!!

2009 has finally buggered off and good riddance to it, what a bag of crap!! This year will be loads better, I can feel it in my water.

The plan was to become a lemming and copy everyone else’s idea of doing a New Year round up of stories and pictures from last year. Exactly like all those ‘run up to New Year’ programmes on telly that I avoid like the plague.

That was the plan. The reality was that I spent a huge chunk of yesterday on the phone to my sister who is having the crisis to rival all crises at the moment and all she can really do is watch it run it’s course. Small comfort to her while she’s tearing her hair out and gnashing her teeth in despair. Funny how the year ended as it started – and continued –  with drama’s.

Anyway, back to the plot.  Taaaadaaaaaaaa!!! Here it is, my ( somewhat shorter than planned) :

 2009 Round Up:
Now don’t worry, it’s not going to be a moan fest of all the terrible things that happened last year. The blogosphere isn’t big enough to fit it all in. Here are just a  few of my favourite moments

This was a summer walk on the moors with the girls. We had a brilliant time and this photo just reminds me of it.  Family time – nowt better!

My lovely friend, Sheila took these family pics for us. Brilliant!!! I have a large copy of this one on my landing and it makes me smile every time I see it.  Thanks, Sheila.

Halloween photo shoot.  We love a bit of dress up.  I was amazed the pics turned out as well as they did considering that the shoot lasted about a minute. Did you know the attention span of a baby is about a nanosecond?  You have to work really fast before they get bored and try to tip over light stands or electrocute themselves.

John and Rachel’s wedding.  We had the best time ever. Just being  a guest and joining in with the wedding party was fab. Good food, good company, good hotel, good times. Loved it.

For someone who spent all her time at college saying that landscape photography, “just isn’t my thing” I seem to have produced a lot of it this year. Far too many to put on here.  It’s so relaxing and cathartic. You should try it.

This photo was used a s a magazine cover – and I forgot to tell you about it!! God, I’m getting so forgetful!  The exotic location was – our drive.  The magazine editor was mortified when she thought I’d gone out and shot images specially for the magazine, so mortified she gave me a full page editorial in it and a discounted advert. I did tell her I only stepped outside my front door to take it not travelled to Goa or anything but the was adamant. Yay!!!  We had some amazing sunsets last year.

I could have put so many other pictures that bring back nice memories of last year.  I could have included a few pics from my birthday party. You know the one, it was the one when we had a murder mystery dinner party and I made everyone classic martini’s. No one liked them so I drank the lot. Oh, so very ill. Must have eaten a bad pie!!

 I thought I’d end with pictures from the last day of last year.

B and me took the girls and the dog for a walk to Darwen tower. Not that it was icy or anything but here is the path:

Heeheee, the dog ran down the path then lost her footing and slid about 20 yards on the ice on her backside. Laugh? I nearly bought a round!  We, on the other hand, clambered over the moor because the path was so dangerous. Poor girls thought they were going for a nice stroll and it turned into a mountain climb.  No mean feat for a child with O’s issues. She constantly amazes me. She’ll have a go at anything! The dog tried her best to melt the ice for us by peeing on it every ten yards or so. Not terribly effective but full marks for trying, dog.

Can you see the little figures up on the horizon? That was a family with a couple of small kids. The father in his wisdom decided that the safest way of getting his small son down the hill was to carry him on his shoulders. What?!!  Refer  to pic of frozen path. Dangerous, much!!

Look! We did it!!
They really did do it as well, when we got to the tower we went to the very top. D was in tears because she was scared of the dark, dank, spiral staircase.   B stayed with her while I took O to the top. When we came back, D had plucked up some courage and decided that she wanted to go  to the top as well. I was so proud of her because I could see she was terrified.  When she got there, she loved it!!!  Well done D for conquering your fears!!!

So, ok, 2009 wasn’t all bad, but  a lot of it was and I’ll be glad of the new start that a New Year offers.  So to end  this  ( short) round up I’d like to dedicate this final image to last year:

 See ya 2009.
Good riddance.

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