Oh my Gawd!

  I woke this morning to a horrendous racket outside. You know how a noise incorporates itself into a dream? Well, that’s what happened to me this morning. In my dream a large machine was making all manner of noises but as I clambered back to consciousness I realised that the noise was coming from outside my bedroom window.

I poked my head out of the window and cried out “Oh my Gawd”, waking B from his kip in a panic, wondering what the hell was going on.

At some point during the night the snow had returned with a vengeance, everything is white, blizzard conditions meant that I wasn’t able to see across the valley or even past our own garden, which made identifying the source of the noise a bit trickier. Looking down to where the noise seemed to be coming from I realised I was looking at a white cat.

“Funny’, I thought, ‘that white cat sounds like Java. CRAP!! It is Java!!!’  There he sat, howling his little brains out, “GET UP YOU MORONS!!!!”

I quickly ran downstairs to let him in and he darted past me to his favourite spot by the radiator to dry himself off, all the time howling like a banshee. That was one upset kitty.  Well y’know, cat, if you refuse to come in at night then these things will happen.

We’ve had a little spate of cats disappearing for hours on end and with cats as old as ours it is a cause for concern. You can’t help but think they’ve been carried away to kitty heaven.


They’ve discovered that one of the panels round the hot tub is loose so they’ve been kipping in there, all snuggly and warm. I noticed Java sneak in there on New Years Eve while B and me had our customary New years bubbly and watched all the fireworks across town while we wallowed in the tub to greet the new year.

Bob  fixed the loose panel yesterday but obviously forgot to tell the cats, hence one very white, cold and unhappy Java this morning.

I’d have to say the hens are less than impressed with this weather. Not having the luxury of a hot tub to snuggle up in they flatly refuse to come out of the shed, even for food.   I’ve been out this morning with a few tasty titbits for them and they looked at me aghast when the door opened and they saw the snow. There was much scuttling backwards as they all got as far away from it as possible. They soon scuttled forward again when I shoved their food in.

Here’s me looking gorgeous in my dressing gown,  wellies and B’s coat, just returning from letting the chooks out.

We’ve had a couple of inches of snow in couple of hours and it’s showing no signs of stopping yet. Dammit!! I wanted to go and sign up for that 4wd today. Now I need a 4wd to be able to get there. Catch 22, much.

Now for any stray Canadians, Americans or Eskimos. I know that this isn’t a lot of snow by your standards but it sure is by ours. The last time I remember a winter with this much snow was in 1976/7.

Better get my wellies on and get walking if I want to go anywhere today.

Snow!!  Magic!!    Think I’ll get out with the camera this afternoon.  ttfn


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