T – 10 and counting

Good old Blighty seems to have had a makeover. Instead of the green and pleasant land that we’re used to seeing from satellite images of our beloved place of birth we are now looking at a much more fashionable silver grey. Silver grey is the new black (or green).

Temperatures dropped to -10C  in the metropolis of Cranberry Bottoms last night.  Some places hit -22C. according to the news ( and they never get it wrong, do they?) it was as cold here as in the South Pole.

So, right on cue, the heating oil runs out.  Super.

B thought it would be nice to have a dip in the hot tub last night. It was lovely, we could feel the warmth seeping right to our bones, we wallowed there for ages before reluctantly deciding that it was time to go back inside.

My, that was a bracing walk. My shoes had frozen to the step and some water had obviously got inside them and then frozen solid. That, and the 8 inches of snow we had to negotiate to get back to the house somewhat  negated the benefits of the wallowing.  On the plus side, I realised I can move a lot faster than I ever thought possible.

Every morning for the last couple of weeks I’ve been going to let the hens out in the morning half expecting them to be frozen to their perch.  It is with a not insubstantial amount of relief that I listen to them start their morning cackling when they hear my approach.  They are still refusing to come out of the shed, at best they poke their faces out and look at me in disgust as if it’s my fault it’s snowed.

Some critter has been trying to get into the shed at night. I think it’s the same badger that has been emptying our bins.  I found a website for hen housing and since the shed is well past it’s sell by date I was seduced by the persuasive wording in the advert:

Buy now while there is still 25% off!!!!

As I was feeling benevolent towards them because I picked up the first egg they’ve laid since August the other day,  I’ve bought them a brand new pukka purpose built  hen coop. It says it’s big enough for 8 hens according to government guidelines. So, that’d be big enough for 4 really, then.

On the work front I can’t say I’m getting too much done. The snow keeps calling me outside to play.

We have an enormous icicle hanging down from the gutter, when the light hits it it’s just mazing. The trouble is that the drainpipe keeps getting in the way of the perfect shot. It’s at times like this I’m glad we have no immediate neighbours because I squeezed myself up against the drainpipe and made myself as small as possible in order to get as good a pic as I could. It must have looked comical, thank God no one was there to see me.

The sun was just setting and the colours were gorgeous.

Next, I saw the snow sparkling like jewels. It absolutely fascinated me.   I thought that my orchid might look nice against it:

I seem to have murdered the orchid in the process of getting these pics.  The snow seemed not to agree with it, by the time I took it back inside it had gone all floppy. All attempts at cpr failed. Orchid murderer.
It’s the same orchid I absentmindedly watered with boiling water last week. It’s going to think I have something against it. Well, not now it won’t, it seems to be dead, caput, an ex orchid. Long live the orchid!  You have to be tough to survive long as a plant in this house.

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