Here are a few pretty pictures to take the nasty taste away.

The rain arrived yesterday. That made driving a bit more tricky. The car slithered and slid up the track which was of course by this time just pack ice with water on top of it, even more slippery than a slippery thing.  Twice the car slid dangerously close to the fence, I thought i was going to end up in the field but I persevered and eventually made it onto the roads which were fine.

By the time I’d woken up this morning all the snow had practically disappeared. Blimey, I thought that it would take weeks to clear!  I couldn’t believe the evidence of my own eyes!! It must have absolutely lashed it down with rain all night long. Not that I would have noticed, I was too busy pushing out zzzz’s and dreaming of a tropical paradise.

Now my gorgeous winter winderland vista has gone back to it’s normal grey with lighter grey tints and greeny grey shades.  Oh well, soon be summer.


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