Time on my hands

Wow!   I’ve got time on my hands!  Oh. My. God.  What am I going to do?

As you already know all of the cleaning etc. has been done.

It’s precipitating persistently so no walking today.

B’s off to a meeting at the other end of the country so no dancing today.

*Twiddles thumbs*

So, I’ve just been outside to let the hens out.  They came out in a rush as usual but this time they came out and all stopped for a good old stretch and a flap of their wings before tucking in to breakfast. Their not used to such a small house.

 Poor little things don’t seem to have taken to their new home much. One of them couldn’t remember where it lived last night and kept walking between the old shed and the new one, circling it about eight times before deciding that it had better go in because it was going to be a long, cold night outside other wise.

Here’s the new hen house next to the old one. Even the word ‘bijou’ is stretching the imagination a bit. It’s downright tiny.  Eight hens? I don’t think so!

Al fresco dining
Here it is: The competition you’ve been waiting for. (trumpet fanfare here)
All you have to do to win is be the first one to correctly name this plant. Now when I say name I don’t mean christen. Entries like ‘Fred’ will be treated with utter contempt unless they make me laugh.
The winner will collect the valuable prize of a very small amount of kudos.  Good luck.

Friday night, the clingons came for tea and to play on my new Wii game, ‘Just Dance’  It’s great fun and you don’t look a bit stupid bouncing around copying the movements of a cartoon figure on the screen. Honest.

Me, N and the clingons were all dancing to ‘Jerk It Out’   and giving it plenty,  arms and legs were all a- flapping,  there were limbs everywhere. The dog was going nuts, jumping round excitedly when suddenly a car pulled up right outside the patio door and three elderly faces stared at us.

 Now, for those who don’t know, we don’t live on a road, traffic is non existent as are pedestrians. We are used to total privacy so it was more than a bit of a shock to see a car full of people staring at us. In all honesty, I don’t know who was the more shocked, them or us.  They probably didn’t expect to see a room full of people leaping around like apes.

We all froze to the spot for a moment, arms and legs in the air,  including the dog who looked at me as if to say, ‘what shall I do now? before she leapt at the window pretending to be a rotweiler, growling and barking  safe in the knowledge that I was their to protect her and besides there was a double glazed door between her and the strangers.

I went out, trying to look friendly to ask if they were lost, in my best redneck, ‘We don’t see many strangers round these parts’ voice.

“No, no, we just came for a look because our daughter saw it on the internet and was interested in viewing it.”


How bloody rude to arrive on my drive and stare right into my home, particularly as it was obvious there were people in!!!!!

 I held it in terribly well, you would have been proud of me. Instead of  pointing out to them in no uncertain terms that they had been extremely rude and intrusive and they should have the courtesy to go through the agent, I sweetly suggested that the daughter ring the agent and she’d be more than welcome to come and view – and I suppose they had to come right up to the house instead of do a recce from up the track as most people do due to the fog.

 How cool was I??   Ggggggrrrrrrr!!!!

PS:  If you click on the link to Youtube above  and enjoy what you see (Blogger won’t let me post it on here. Sigh.) have a look at the same guy dancing to ‘Womaniser’. I laughed till I cried. His expression just cracks me up!


2 thoughts on “Time on my hands”

  1. It's a primula, isn't it? When do I get my kudos?The pansies were a complete waste of time and money! Like you, it took three garden centres to find any at least an hour to plant them all and it turns out that they have nowhere near enough money! Typical!

  2. You get your kudos right now, Janet. Ooooooodles of it.Primula. My God, how could I forget that?? Durr….

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