Frizz free face

I got up a bit bleary eyed yesterday  morning because someone who I couldn’t possibly name as I don’t want to embarrass them – but they happened to be in bed with me at the time, spent most of the night making noises like a rabid dog snarling.

I stumbled my way to the bathroom, showered and then went back in the bedroom to start making myself look half decent for the day ahead. Picking up my bottle of Frizz – Ease, I squirted a generous amount onto my hands, rubbed them together and then applied it …… my face.

Sitting there quietly rubbing in the oil it was a good ten seconds before I realised what I’d done. ” Oh, crap!! This is supposed to be on my hair!! “It took three washes with cleanser to get rid of it.

Ah well, at least my face was frizz free for the rest of the day!
it’s been an interesting week one way and another. It became apparent this week how quickly accidents can happen. Rushing to get off to school the other day, Danielle’s finger got trapped in the car door. The resulting dash to hospital confirmed that it was broken ( the finger – not the door). I’m not sure who was the most shocked and upset, Dan or Gem. D’s now walking round with her fingers strapped together, the way she holds them up to show people her injury looks more than a bit rude!!!


Trying to get my printer to print out some stuff the other day was more than a bit frustrating. Once the bugger had decided that it had some paper in that it liked and didn’t keep spitting it back out, it decided it would double check with me that I actually did mean to print. It reminded me of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted.

‘Now Are you sure you want me to print this?

Are you sure you’re sure?

Now are you sure you’re sure you’re sure?

Ah, go on then, if you’re sure’

Aaaaarrghh!!! Just print the sodding thing!!!!!!


Last night me and B were treated to a meal out by our niece. How lovely was that?

She invited us, along with her Mum and Dad, and insisted on paying for everything. What a lovely treat! We had a brilliant time but the evening had to come to a close sooner than we’d have liked because they were off to a charity fund raising event,  the star turn for the evening was a drag act – and Sam had his knickers in her bag!


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