High Hopes for today

They’re coming today.


The people that are going to buy our  house. I can feel it in my water.

There’s just time to dash off a quick post before I run round like a mad woman beautifying, hiding evidence and generally making the place look desirable.

I’ve got more hight hopes than normal for this lot becasue the agent contacted us a few weeks ago to see if you would be prepared to doa part exchange for a house in Bacup..

“Bacup? *snort* I don’t think so.”

Anyway, against all odds they’ve managed to sell their house and are dead keen to get a look at ours. These are the ones who were desperate enough to want to come during the week when it was dark. I can feel it in my water, I tell you.

Funny. When we bought the new car I said to B, “just watch, as soon as we get a 4wD we’ll sell the house and won’t need it. What are we waiting for, get a new car bought!”

Since then we’ve had a positive stream (well, more like a trickle, really) of viewers.

N has indeed fallen on his feet on the job front. He’ll be leaving home  next week to go and work in a live in job in Bolton in a hotel that’s just been taken over by one of his friends.  Told you, once things happen, they happen quickly. We’ll sell this house today or I’ll eat my computer!!

On a less positive note: my 50th birthday is getting scarily close. People keep asking me what I’m going to do to celebrate it but I can’t work up any enthusiasm. Sticking my head in the sand and lying about my age seem to be favourite at the moment.  Of course when you consider the  other what the alternatives to reaching 50 are, I’ll take the birthday, thanks. Just don’t expect me to do it with good grace.


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