Sigh. Not a lot has happened today – but you don’t care about that, do you?

‘Tell us about the viewers from yesterday’, I can hear you shouting.


A couple in their 30’s turned up at the appointed time. They looked round and declared that they found the house bigger and nicer than it looks from the agents photos.

(1 point )

The field was perfect for their 3 horses (2 points)

The barns etc were spot on (3 points)

Free spring water was a definite bonus (4 points)   and so on………  They know and like the neighbours (are they mad!!), they know and like the area, they love the view, all their friends live in this area.  All good stuff.

I think they liked it  –   A LOT!!!!  but of course they can’t say so because that isn’t playing ‘the property ladder’ game, is it?

The latest buzz from the agent is that they have a short list of three houses of which ours is one.  I’ll be amazed if they don’t come back.  It’s all looking good.

So, back to today. Ho bloody hum.

Went for a walk with the dog and my friend Maddy,  babysat this afternoon, met a couple tonight who are thinking about booking us for their wedding in September.  Long, boring, yawny day.

Ol’s mum is playing up again. (Snorts in disgust)  she’s been working up to it for a week or two now. Even I feel sorry for him,( and that doesn’t happen very often) because he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment.  If his mum isn’t very careful she’ll end up pushing her only child  and grandchild away for good. Silly cow.

Ok. I’m off now because I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. Jeez, all the times I’ve said I want life to calm down – and when it does, I’m bored. I am obviously an adrenalin junkie.

Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more interesting.


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  1. Fingers crossed it’s good news!! Keep us posted! Don’t worry about the boredom, once you’ve sold, you’ll long for some boredom! All that packing!!!

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