Photo time

I haven’t posted any photos for ages so here are some from last week.

It was world book day and the baby had gone to nursery dressed as one of the witches from…….The Witches by Roald Dahl.

Here she is peeping round the door into the office because she knows she isn’t really allowed in there. This knee shuffle is the closest she gets to walking.  It might get troublesome if she hasn’t stopped doing it by the time she’s five.

The witches outfit was finished off beautifully with a pair of witchy stripy tights. perfect!

This is our new advert. I’ve taken all the details off it because I don’t want any bunny boiler type women doing a search and having this site pop up. It’s taken months to get rid of the silly cow.

below is a pic I’ve been messing around with in photoshop. It was taken the day she broke her finger. She looks like she’s beside herself with pain and distress doesn’t she? NOT!!

This afternoon I took poochie for a good old yomp over the Moors.  There’s still quite a lot of snow up there and  she  did a running jump onto it and slid all the way down the hill, ears a- flappin, laughing her little poochie head off. Once she got to the bottom and perfected her technique she did it again!!  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it made me laugh till my sides ached.  It was so obvious that she intended to slide down the hill, I wish you could have seen it.

We walked up to the tower and then across the moors towards Bolton.  By the time I’d got to the top of the hill I was exhausted, the dog kept coming back to check I was till alive!  Still, it’s all good practice for the Wednesday night stressbuster walks which start again next month – and that’s all good practice for the race for life in June. (Rattles collecting tin). You can donate online, it’s so easy, just click on the link on the left (big cheesy grin).

Me and G have decided that we’re going to wear pink wigs and pink tutus to do the race. I’d better drop a few pounds a bit sharpish or I’ll be looking like a pink elephant – and that’s a really difficult look to do well!


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