This’ll be my last post…..

Because I have to eat my computer now as I promised I would if that couple didn’t buy our house.

Well, the estate agent phoned to tell us that they’d put in an offer on a different house. Whoop de sodding doo.  I’d better get the tomato ketchup ready . To say I’m shocked is putting it lightly, the pair of them walked round googly eyed, telling us how perfect it all was. I’m gutted.


Thanks to J in France for her fab birthday card, that made me chuckle during an otherwise totally grim day.   Well, actually it wasn’t totally grim, I picked up a delicious pair of sandals for my holi’s and a fab pair of wedges in brown and turqouise, both at less than half price – you have to love TK Maxx.

C and Gembolina are making me a birthday tea tomorrow. We were going to go out for a meal in a big fancy restaurant but as we’re all brassic at the moment we thought better of it.

When we were all young and old people (the age I am now) told us that we wouldn’t feel any different when we got older we never believed them. Now I’m here I’ve realised that it’s true: older but absolutely no wiser. the only thing that gives the game away is the haggard, care worn face and the slightly (be nice!) saggy  and chubby body.

P is going down to London on a jolly tomorrow. Good for him, bless him – he even considered not going because it was my birthday.  I’m not absolutely sure what it is he’s going to but I think it’s a geek fest fuelled by lots of beer, computer games  and junk food. Sounds like his perfect day out to me!  Son – get gone and fill yer boots.


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