The day after the night before

Go on, admit it, you’re waiting for me to say I have a hangover, aren’t you?

Well, miracle of miracles, not a single sign of a hangover. Feeling more than a little jaded but that’s because of the late night and early start this morning.

The video camera that arrived as a gift has been turned on and off a few times but as yet I haven’t worked out how to download stuff from it – that’s a treat for another time (yawn).

Me and poochie went for  along walk through the woods yesterday afternoon, the new camera had it’s first outing. That is without exception the most boring film ever made in the history of mankind. It mostly consists of the dog running  – either away or towards me, a few shots of trees, and one of a deers arse as it lolloped through the trees. I won’t make you watch that, honest.

B’s arrival from work signalled the start of the festivities. Gem made the biggest lasagne you’ve ever seen, I would easily have fed 15 people.

Have you ever felt really bad? It happened to me yesterday as I was laying (SETTING the table if you’re American) when Neil walked in. “What’s going on?’ he asked. Suddenly I felt like I’d been purposely excluding him from the party but the reality was that it had only been arranged the day before, I assumed he’d be working anyway and hadn’t seen him to mention it as he hasn’t been getting home from work till late. Quickly setting an extra place I explained what had happened, more than a bit embarrassed. Poor N never finds out anything (coz he’s never here).

So, all the gang arrived. Not one but TWO birthday tiara’s turned up. Bezzie mates had a flashing ’50’ on it. Fabulous, I thought it suited me rather well. I think I’ll drive round in the Freelander in it, I’ll definitely feel like the Queen then.  C banished me to the lounge while she trimmed up the dining room with banners and bunting. I was a bit confused by the bunting – it said happy 18th birthday on it  C skillfully got round that faux pas by reminding me that I’d said I didn’t want to be 50 so she didn’t want to remind me about it. Quick thinking that. Smart girl.

11 of us sat round our table for antipasti, lasagne and C’s infamous toffee mallow goo, or as she pronounces it: toffimAlluhgu.

Oh dear Lord. Never has a dessert caused so much hilarity. I think she was getting a bit hurt by all the raucous laughter and ribald comments about it. It came to the table rock hard, all attempts to get into it failed dismally so a quick blast in the microwave softened the toffee and made it a bit more malleable. Ha!  Malleable?  Imagine melted mozzarella, all stringy and sticking to everything, it was almost impossible to get off the serving spoon  and on to the dishes but as the toffee cooled off and hardened again it solidified round the spoon like quick drying cement. Anyone with  fillings in their teeth gave it a wide berth. In fairness it was very, very tasty and more than a little calorific especially when it was served with ice cream. I gave the leftovers to the hens this morning,  on reflection, that might have been a mistake. They’ve been terribly quiet today – I hope their beaks aren’t glued together!

After dessert, G, Ol and C all disappeared into the utility room, there was a lot of hilarity going on and eventually they all reappeared with a huge, bright green, sparkly birthday cake with a huge blue triangle candle on it as well as two white table candles, they couldn’t find birthday candles so they had to improvise.  So funny!!!!  Everyone, including me, sang happy birthday to me. I noticed that the cake was in the shape of a 0, I asked Gem why and she told me that she’s bought cake tins weeks ago in the shape of a 5 and a 0 to make me a cake but since I wasn’t happy about being 50 she decided to make it a 0 cake instead Hehee. How sweet is that?

There’s loads more to tell you but it’s time to go out to doggie boot camp – or as B puts it – time to go dogging.

More later ttfn.


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