Blow ’em up and fire ’em at the dog

Balloons of course.    Carrying on with the birthday party story.

Dogs and balloons are a match made in heaven and since C brought along a whole pack of them to decorate the dining room with. I’m not sure exactly who blew them all up as I was banished to the lounge but they certainly did a good job of it, there was a positive rainbow of balloons, maybe not so much a rainbow unless it had got terribly drunk and fallen to the ground in an ungainly heap, all the balloons were underfoot but who cares. Balloons!  It seemed only fair that the dog got to have a play with them as it is a well known fact that dogs love to play with balloons.

Not interested.  hardly lifted an eyelid. Lazy mutt.

I wouldn’t be so crass or ungrateful as to mention the present that caused much hilarity as being the worst thought out gift EVER. All I can say about it is: hehehehehee.

Just in time for dessert my little skin & blister turned up with my niece who’s happily up the duff. If ever a woman was supposed to be a mother it’s her. Now she’s stopped throwing up she’s positively glowing. I hope to God the baby is a boy because she’s quite adamant that it’s going to be called Christopher.  Pudding was soon polished off and then our attention turned to sophisticated, mature topics of conversation and current affairs, the adults chatted, comfortably full, in the warm  glow of the candlelight.

Yeah, right. Believe that if you will. The reality was that we all piled into the lounge to play on the Wii. Several people made requests for me to perform “who let the dogs out”  then fell about laughing and pointing while I waved my arms and legs around, boobs flailing wildly while I leapt up and down, all the while being sneakily filmed by B – and on my own video camera!!! Traitor!!!  I haven’t downloaded it yet. I’m not sure if I dare.

Most people left shortly after that, I wonder why. M & S stayed behind and I knew she couldn’t resist for long. She had a go on the WiiFit board.  I love bezzie mate dearly but she has NIL co ordination. I thought I flailed about but my God, I’m a total beginner in the flailing department compared to her.  Legs akimbo, trying to balance on one leg and get the arms in on the act as well. It was hysterical.  Made my night.

So, that’s about it really. My big bro even made an appearance at one point. Noteworthy on it’s own as we rarely see each other these days. All in all as birthday’s go, it wasn’t abad one thanks to all the effort put in by all the family. Thanks, guys. Love you all.

I’ll post pics as soon as bezzie mate lets me have some ( that was my way of saying can I have the pics pleeeeeeeeease)


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