Is it safe to come out yet?

How to write a post without saying anything?  Hhhmm, tricky.

Suffice to say that it’s been a traumatic few days one way and another and I don’t think it’s over yet.

Moving on, I’m finally catching up on the photo shoots that were rubbish because the kids were either coming down with or just recovering from chicken pox. Why a mother would book a photo shoot when the kid is covered in pox is beyond me. As you’d expect the pictures were horrible. Doncha just love doing a job twice? Especially when there”s no more money in it. I should charge her again for her stupidity. I wasn’t totally impressed when she phoned me to say could her friend come along and have ‘just a few photos’ of her baby at the same session. Sneaking in a ‘two for the price of one’. Cheeky. I told her no, the woman would have to book a separate sitting. Funnily enough I haven’t heard from her.

Everyone wants it, no one wants to pay for it. *tuts*

Spring sprang for a week or so but then buggered off again. Now is f-f-f-ffreezing and we have a heavy snow warning for Tuesday. It’s nearly sodding April for goodness sake!!! Jeez!

Yesterday we went to meet a couple and do a recce before next weeks wedding, the first of this seasons meagre amount of weddings booked.  The venue is magnificent. It’s at Haigh Hall in Wigan. Don’t sound the ‘g’ at the end or the locals will think you’re a moron and laugh in your face, luckily I discovered this before it happened to me.

I’m looking forward to this wedding. The bride is having a horse and carriage with white horses, she wants tons of photos of the horses but practically none of the guests!  God, I hope the weather perks up a bit, I’ll freeze my cobblers off (do women have cobblers?).  She wants to go down to the canal and get some pics by the water. I hope it isn’t all full of old prams and car tyres with the towpath littered with empty cans of wife beater aka special brew. That won’t make for nice pictures at all; interesting but not nice.

Ok, time to go. The back up of this mornings pics has finished so I’d better get on with some work.  Bye for now.


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