50th birthday party

OK. I promised you photos of my birthday party so here they are courtesy of M & S who had the foresight to bring a camera with them.  It does look a bit like a chimps tea party but we all enjoyed it.  Here are a few photos of the evening with me resplendent in the flashing 50th  birthday tiara. Do you like it? I think it looks particularly tasteful.

Playing my piano

Present time! Ooh I love surprises! Is it a piano?

There was no need to mention the 'eff' word

Not thrilled at being 50, the party was a nice consolation prize but did you HAVE to remind me of my age?

The caterers

Gembolina and Carlawarla did all the catering. D – not so much in the catering department, I think but  I’m sure she supervised – especially when the pudding was being made.  Very nice food. Thanks, girls.

My green, sparkly birthday cake

gem made the bright green birthday cake with nice yellow flowers on. It was a delicious, soft, jammy sponge cake. What we didn’t eat on the night I ended up giving away – a moment on the lips and all that. It’s waaaaay to dangerous leaving a big sponge cake in my vicinity. I’d have had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The peeps at work thoroughly enjoyed it. Son P missed out on it but hey ho – he was on a jolly in London for the day.

The eagle eyed among you will notice the 18 bunting behind me. I think they call that improvisation.

Self portrait of M & S

Or is it a still life of a glass and a bottle?  Hhhmm, tricky. Any way, without them bringing their camera we’d have had no evidence photographs so thanks, guys (I think).

It just so happened it was N’s night off. It isn’t often he gets to join in with family get togethers so that was a nice extra treat – and a rare photo. N doesn’t do photos.

Say 'cheeeeeeeeeeeeese'
sweet smile
D on Wii

D dancing to ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ on the Wii while wearing a coat and tiara, unusual ensemble.

baby and mum
I was on the Wii, not on the P, honest

“Do ‘Who let the dogs out’ go on, go on, go on!!”  The wouldn’t shut up till I did it so here it is:  me dancing on the Wii to ‘Who let the dogs out’ and not looking a bit stupid. Ha!

Over excitement or senility sets in

Eventually, all the excitment got too much and senility set in. I can’t begin to imagine what happened that prompted me to be pulling that face and standing in front of my “lady with a poached egg face’ picture in that manner. There wasn’t even alcohol involved at that point!  The pretty scarf that was gift from bezzie mate.

That was it then, the 50th birthday. It wasn’t quite as traumatic as I’d feared thanks to all my lovely family and friends who rallied round to make it special for me. Incidentally, just in case you’re wondering, B was there on the night but did an exceptionally good job of avoiding the camera. There isn’t a single photo of him.

The 50th  birthday tiara has moved on to it’s next rightful owner, bezzie mate who’s 50th birthday was yesterday, 1st April. After that it will move on to it’s next rightful owner, I wonder who it will be?


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