Happy Easter

Wether you consider it to be  the most important day of the Christian year or a reworking of a pagan festival or even just a chance to scoff chocolate all day, whatever it means to you have a happy and peaceful  Easter.

B and me worked a n 1o hour day yesterday at our first wedding of this season. The couple had booked our top package which means we were there from bridal prep to first dance and beyond. Luckily, the weather was kind to us, it hardly rained at all, the wind dropped and the sun even came out at one point. It was positively balmy.

The day didn’t get off to the best start when I woke up with a migraine caused by the stress of the previous week. Of course I had no medication for it so I had no choice but to just crack on with the day. I worked on the basis that adrenalin would carry me through – and it did but dear Lord, the flashing lights from the disco didn’t do me any favours at all. I thought I was going to die when we finished work. B drove to a late night chemist to get some medication for me so now, the following morning it’s down to a dull throb with occasional stabs. Time for more pills, I think.

Stupidly, I’d believed the bride when she told me the only group photos she wanted were the big group shot then the parents and bridal party. There was a point when I could have given her a sound slap for being a petulant, snappy, bossy and downright rude bridezilla. When I say we worked I really mean we WORKED.

It all started off ok then the traditional bridal prep, ‘let’s neck a bottle of champagne before we go’  changed the atmosphere completely. When will people ever learn? If you don’t normally drink alcohol in the morning then all it’s going to do is give you a red face, a thick head and put you in a foul mood. And it did. I’ve never seen anyone’s mood change so quickly. Once she was in her dress I made a sharp exit.

After she turned up early and caught everyone (including the groom) outside, She  came up with an extra 20 group shots she wanted, got bored with the couples shots having made us drive a mile to the canal bridge. “Right, that’s enough now.” she declared two minutes in. The venue told us there was another bride due at 2.30 so we couldn’t use the front of the building after that time, so at 2.15 our bride insisted we throw confetti right at the door of the venue. “I don’t care about any other bride.”  The poor concierge nearly had a heart attack as he frantically tried to get it all vacuumed up before bride no. 2 arrived.

They brought the time of the meal forward so I had no time to do the table / room/ cake shots so I did them while B did the receiving line and then the best man and the brides Dad buggered off (not together) and didn’t come back till it was getting dark, the groom got a lot of earache for being on his phone and much, much more.

To say getting wedding guests in the right place at the right  time is ike herding cats is an understatement for this lot.  As soon as I got most of them together a couple would disappear. Aaahh!!!

We smiled and coerced all the way through it all and eventually we got it all finished. We did get some lovely feedback from the wedding co-ordinator and one of the guests who both commented on how laid back and friendly we were.  Good job they couldn’t read my mind, they’d have been so shocked at the language going on in there!

We earned every penny yesterday!  If anyone says a wedding photographers job is a nice, easy way to earn a living I’ll punch their bloody lights out.

I am really looking forward to today though, it’s bezzie mate’s open house birthday party today. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. Her hubs took her on a trip to ???? no one knew, not even bezzie mate. We’ll here all about it today. All I know is she had a brilliant time. Nice one Stu!

Ok, I’m off to take more pills and lie in a dark room to get rid of this migraine before we go out.   TTFN


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