I’m feeling a bit twitterpated

What a brilliant time we had at bezzie mates yesterday. It was exactly what we needed – a bit of silliness to put the last couple of weeks well and truly behind us.  And silly it was, in a big way.

Before we went we popped in to P & G’s for a chat and  to give the kids a little Easter gift. While we were there C and the baby came round as well so we spent a happy hour planning our holiday in October. C thinks she wants to  do one of those dives where you’re in a  shark cage. She did visibly pale when she was told about a documentary on telly where the sharks decided they were getting in to eat the divers and bent the cage bars to do it. Dolphins are looking more attractive by the minute. I can cope with a couple of cute, well trained, smiley  dolphins.

It’s still six months till we go away, I wish it was right now, I can’t wait. Two weeks in the Caribbean would just do nicely. Maybe I could get away with it by calling it an advance reconnaissance trip.

Over at bezzie mate’s the party was in full swing. Don’t you just love a party when there’s all ages from new born babies to old age pensioners there and everyone is getting on and having a good time? It was brilliant and an honour to be invited to a special family occasion like this, we loved it.  Thanks, M & S.

We met her new grandson and his mum for the first time. The baby’s dad was walking round proud as punch showing off his son and beaming from ear to ear. Tiny babies are so squishy and lovely, I was enjoying a cuddle with him when E decided she was jealous and demanded a cuddle.   Then she decided to steal the show and walked right across the room, not once but a dozen times!!  She’s never walked more than a couple of steps before.

That made sure she got lots of hugs and attention, clever girl, that! Of course she wouldn’t do it when there was a proper video camera on her but i think someone did mange to film it. Don’t worry. I won’t be posting it on here and forcing you to watch it, I’m very well aware other people’s kids are as interesting as a gnat.

As we arrived a bit later than we’d planned, the buffet was looking a bit like a swarm of locusts had been round so bezzie mate quickly knocked up a few sandwiches for us. I was so grateful. How someone can forget to have their lunch is beyond me but forget I did, I was STARVING. One glass of bubbly in that state and I’d have been anybody’s, two glasses and I’d have been everybody’s!

We – ok – I drank far too much champagne and  had far too much to eat. The birthday cake, a pretty red and white number was delicious. I’ve never had a sponge as soft as that in my entire life. That called for seconds.

As for the mystery trip. Well. He’s only been and gone and married her again! Arranged the whole thing at Gretna Green and gave her the wedding she always wanted. He worked really hard to get it all arranged the  way he knew she would like it with a piper and everything and then managed to keep it all a secret from her. Wow!

In her own words, “you made my dream come true.”  You big old romantic, Stu. Much kudos to him for that, he’s got enough brownie points to last him for the rest of his life!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when she was telling us about it. I’ll see if I can scrounge a picture of them at the anvil for you.

What about today, then? Not much. The weather  is disgusting, It’s so windy that the wind isn’t whistling or howling it is actually rumbling round the house as I write. I’m a bit scared to let the hens out, they’ll be blown away. Which reminds me, a pheasant has decided to take up residence somewhere near our oil tank, it’s a beautiful thing but I think it’s a bit lost. In all the years we’ve lived here I’ve never seen a pheasant. It scared the hell out of the cats with it’s  harsh call that sounds not unlike a large rusty gate squeaking.

The plan, when we finally get our backsides into gear is to go and buy C a new telly and to do a mammoth beautifying project on her house ready for the estate agent coming round tomorrow. After that it will be chilling out time. It’s been a busy Easter one way and another.


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