Burning the candle at both ends

Light candle at both ends, step back and wait till it extinguishes itself. Shouldn’t take too long. In my case about three days.

It was 1am when I got to bed Thursday after a loooooong magical mystery tour home from Dewsbury courtesy of motorway closures.

Midnight Friday night courtesy of a bottle of cava and a hot tub

1am last night courtesy of 20  ish people, not all of whom I knew, turning up at our house for a karaoke party – a good excuse to continue bezzie mates and my birthday celebrations.

Today I am officially knackered, pooped, exhausted and completely burnt out.

I’m normally such a clean living girl, in bed by 10pm and up with the lark all I can say today is, “blueeeergghhh.”

So was it all worth it, bloody hell, YES!!!

Last night particularly was the most fun we’ve had since  um, since…….well – last weekend!!  Everyone from 7 year olds to 50 somethings all got up to join in the fun. There was much laughing going on, I was assured it was ‘with me’ and not ‘at me’ while I was rocking to Fall Out Boys ‘Going down swinging.’ Sigh. I can’t even blame alcohol, I hardly touched a drop last night. Not only that but I shouldn’t even know music like that at my age – I’m a disgrace to grandmotherhood!.

Here’s me rocking and playing air guitar to the instrumental bit in the middle. The chap looking at me  a bit scared and more than  a bit bemused has only met me a couple of times before. As his partner’s Mum’s bezzie mate ( got it?) I’m not sure I’m quite what he expected, I think he was expecting more of a twin set and pearls type person. Ha! WRONG!

Not so much 'Rock Chic' as 'Old Boiler'

A picture of sophistication and sartorial elegance, yes?

Ok. No.

At some point I suppose I’ll grow up.

You’d be amazed at the number of people who ask if I’m drunk when they see me larking about.   “Just high on life, baby.”  My younger sister, S is the same and she’s teetotal!!  It doesn’t take a lot to get us giddy.

Towards the end of the evening my sister S (different sister ‘S’) asked a young girl who was an AMAZING singer what her name was.

Here comes a tale about  one of the subjects that I LOVE: regional accents. I so wish I’d finished my degree in linguistics all those years ago. Language  and especially regional accents absolutely fascinate me. Yes, yes, I know how sad that is; there’s no need to point it out, thank you.

What?  Why did I not finish it?

Well, it was because I’d got all the compulsory units out of the way, you know, the syntax and yawny stuff. Next I was about to start a unit on historical linguistics to be followed by a study of regional accents. The only tutor went off for open heart surgery and was never seen again. It all got a bit messy after that and I moved on to other things.  anyway, back to the plot:

Sister S asked Young Girl  what her name was.  Young girl, Jodie,  replied in a broad lancashire accent:


Sister S ( in Brum acent) : Geordie? That’s an unusual nime, izzinit?

Jodie: Gnaaaaaw!  Not Geoooooordie.  JAWDEH!

Sister S. Ow now {oh no}  don’t you speak funny, Jowdai!

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!  OK, I suppose you really needed to be there.

Of course with my, mostly Lancashire, ‘leaning slightly towards Welsh with occasional forays into Buckinghamshire’ overtones, no one ever has any trouble understanding me (much).

My hens went off to their new home yesterday – the freezer.


I’ve given them to a woman who is just starting out with poultry keeping. It has been really odd today, I keep feeling like I’ve forgotten to do something because I haven’t had to run down the garden in my dressing gown to let them out and feed them, then again later in the day (not usually in my dressing gown at this point) to give them their evening meal and  later again to shut them in at night. Why have I given them away? You’ve just read the answer, A lot of work for a few eggs.  The farmer up the road has exactly the same hens and free range eggs, I can get them without all the hassle, why didn’t I think of it before?

Loving my new car. Did I say it was a grand voyager? That was a dirty rotten lie, it’s a grand vitara, not as prestigious but I love it.

The clingons are staying with me tonight, we’ve just been watching, ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ funny film. I’m not normally a fan of animated films but I really enjoyed it.

Now I’m off to bed to get an earlyish night.  TTFN.


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