Breathe in and……

Stepping out of the front door this morning I filled my lungs with the morning air and immediately wished I hadn’t.  I breathed in two great lungsful of sulphurous air. YUK!

The much announced volcanic ash from Iceland’s recent volcano isn’t just a hyped up media story after all.   Isn’t it amazing that we can smell sulphur from a volcano in Iceland!!?!! Am I the only person who thinks it’s amazing? Everyone else has looked at me like I’m a bit sad when I’ve gone into raptures about it.

This afternoon’s day out in Wigan was brilliant. Haigh Hall’s miniature railway wasn’t working, neither was the hook a duck or the crazy golf but we still had a greta time. The clingons painted figures in one of the art workshops and then we all had a go at batik. Here’s my paltry effort:

After the craft workshops we went for a stroll round the walled garden, it was gorgeous. We saw this tree with no leaves and about 6 flowers on it, I think it was a magnolia tree, if you know different please feel free to say so. It was worth a pic of it’s own that one:

The clingons experimented with the timer on the camera to do some self portraits:


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