Catch up time

Yesterdays photo shoot was with the biggest, fattest baby girl with the biggest head I’ve ever did see!!  She was ENORMOUS – I didn’t think they still made babies that big. She was also the sweetest, smiliest and most  cooperative baby ever. She didn’t even bat an eyelid when I lifted the camera, normally it takes a good 20 minutes till they get used to it and I can get on with the shoot. Wish they were all that placid!

This morning I have another baby portrait shoot, and then it’s off for a day out with the clingons.  I’m taking them to Wigan to the place where we shot the wedding the other week becasuse there are loads of art and craft events on as well as walks, playgrounds, miniature railway, hhhmmm, I’d better take a fistful of money-this all sounds a bit expensive!

It’s nice to see my daughter smiling again, she looks happier now than she’s done for ages. I like it.

So, what about this volcanic ash then?  On the news it said we should look out for a spectacular sunset caused by all the particles  but it didn’t happen. Was it my imagination or could I see wispy bits of  ash cloud in the sky as it was going dark last night? I don’t know, I do know it’s causing chaos.  Our friend who’s getting married next week came to visit last night and had a major panic attack about not being able to get away on her honeymoon.  Poor thing, I think she’s going to implode soon with all the excitement!

Oh well, time to get moving. Sorry for the boring post – best I could come up with at short notice. I’ll post pics later of our day out. TTFN


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