hard labour

Winter has taken it’s toll on the track up to our farm, it’s more bumpy than a bumpy thing! Anyone driving anything less than a 4wd is in great danger of having the underside of their car ripped off.

This morning we had a ton of stones and gravel delivered so the plan is to get out and fill up all the potholes. Actually, they are far too big to be called potholes. The track looks like it’s been hit by a meteor shower with HUGE craters all over it.

After doing that little lot probably won’t need to go to the gym today.

Tonight is the first bbq of this year, courtesy of P & G. I’m really looking forward to it, a couple of teeny g & t’s or Pimms (hhhmmmmm, Pimms, what a bloody good idea!) and I’ll be a very contended bunny.

C went to see the film, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with Johnny Depp last night – when I say with Johnny Depp, don’t all faint with envy, I do of course mean starring Johnny Depp. By all accounts it’s a fantastic film, I think I’ll make the time to go and see it.

Oh well, can’t put it off any longer, time to start shifting stones.

“yo-oh heave ho.”


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