Not a bad weekend

In fact, all in all it has been pretty damn good.  Slightly marred on Saturday  by TTF living up to his new title (which I’m far to ladylike to divulge on here).

After a slow start on account of the Pimms related headache, B and me set to in the garden, we can now drive up our track without being bounced around like we are on a trampoline, the laughingly called flower beds are pristine, the ‘chicken pen no more’ is clean and tidy and completely free of hen poo, and all the paths have been liberally sprayed with weedkiller. I always feel a bit guilty about that as I’m not  a big fan of chemicals on a garden but hey ho, I’ll get over it when the options are: 1. spend hours  and hours on my knees scraping weeds from between cobbles or: 2. Go round with a ghost buster style spray.

While we were taking a break and making plans for our old age ( and I was ranting about the cats using the gravel as litter) B said that when we sell the house we should buy a long boat and get away for weeks on end in it. “Long boat?  What, like a Viking? Are were going to get a few slaves as well?” I enquired, which earned me a ‘smart arse’ look.  Hhmm, I could see B in one of those horned helmets and me as Grunhilda.

We did meet Grunhilda the Viking bitch on a flying holiday in France on year. She was the landlady of the guest house we stayed in and she clearly had a problem with women. After completely ruining my holiday with her bitchiness she then set about a poor young South African woman and reduced her to tears. But that’s all a story for another day. On reflection, maybe I don’t want to be Grunhilda after  all!

back to the plot: After we’d been in the garden all day we set off to meet with our next wedding couple at the venue. The poor girl was on her hen night on Saturday and has managed to knock a huge chunk off her front tooth. She was clearly in a lot of pain and wouldn’t open her mouth at all. I sincerely hope she gets it sorted before the wedding.

We’d forgotten to eat before leaving home so on the way back we stopped at a nice Italian restaurant for munchies, I’m going to be so brainy today, I had the smoked fish platter as a starter and then monkfish. All that fish in one sitting – I could be running the country after all that! The monkfish was delicious, I think. It was on the menu as monkfish piccante which I didn’t know means smothered in chillies and bloody hot!  The first forkful I shoved in my mouth I thought was finely sliced red pepper, it took a nano second or two to realise it was chilli. Once I was used to the heat though it was absolutely fine and very tasty. B as normal went for fillet steak on a gorgonzola sauce, bit heavy for my taste, he enjoyed it though.

Right. That’s enough blethering, I’m off to the gym.


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