Toot toot!

There’s been steam tooting  out of lots of folks’ ears today.  Half the world’s in bad mood and the other half’s copping for it.

First thing this morning bezzie mate was on the phone with so much steam coming of of her ears I thought she was like a pressure cooker about to explode, I got under the desk just in case she did, it might have got messy. Major tootage there!

Next, baby E. Lovely, placid, smiley baby E. She has started with a cold  and has whined for England all afternoon. I love babysitting whining kids!  on the drive back from my sisters she was flinging her toys around the car and then crying because she could’t reach them to fling ’em again. I got belted round the head more than once by flying toys. Even singing, ‘Row, row, row your boat’ didn’t placate her and that normally works like a charm.

In desperation I shoved her in the pram and set off walking to work in a howling gale, I reckoned with a good tail wind I should be there just in time for C to finish work. As it was she finished a bit early so she met me on the way. Thank the Lord for small mercies!

Even Pennywen from work wasn’t her normal self today – one of those’ if you even look at me sideways I’ll cry days.’

B has been registering the company online to do all the tax and vat returns as well as all the end of year stuff. Yup. That’d be more steam tooting out of ears. Such language!

Last (for now) but certainly not least. TTF has been up to his old tricks and wound C up to the hilt. She’s just been on the phone to me not knowing whether to scream, cry or cut his bollocks off. I favour the latter. I’d love to have a major rant about the nasty, vindictive, despicable little toerag but it’s not my business to rant about on here. E mail me and I’ll fill you in on all the disgusting details.

There now! Sodding TTF has managed to get two toots in for the price of one! Now he’s got me going as well!  GGGRRRRR!!

Wish it was Wednesday, I could do with a nice long walk to burn off my anger. Not much chance of it tonight though.



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