Friday on my mind

A million brownie points and a tiny amount of kudos for you if you know where the words in the title are from, answers on a postcard.

Oh well, the flight ban is over, the sky is crisscrosses with dozens of vapour trails this morning, far more than normal. I suppose there’s a lot of catching up to do. Sitting outside enjoying the balmy evening last night we could hear planes cutting through the peace and quiet. I think I prefer my skies clear and quiet but that’s easy for me to say when I don’t want to be flying anywhere, wait till it’s my turn to get on a plane and see what I have to say then.

Looking out of my bedroom window this morning I say a dozen or more wood pigeons walking up the field, all in a straight line combing the area. I think one of them must have lost a contact lens or something. Whatever they were doing they were so intent on their task that they didn’t notice one of our cats sneak up on them until it was almost too late.

Yesterday I went for a leg wax and facial. It would have been lovely except for the strong smell of solvent coming from the acrylic nail area making me feel a bit queasy. Nail salons should be kept separate from treatment rooms, separate by at least –  ooh, I don’t know, a building! Yes, stick ’em in another building, that’s far enough away.

My practitioner, she doesn’t want to be called a therapist because she’s realised that it breaks down into ‘the rapist’, was telling me that when the young mums in the area come in for treatments they quite often bring their toddlers with them. WHAAAAAT??? “That’s alright” she said, “until I’m doing a bikini wax, then the poor kids’ eyes are like saucers as they watch. “What’s she doing, Mum?”

Hmmm, I bit inappropriate, methinks. Better to leave the kids at home, they’d be traumatised for life watching all that going on.

Then she went on to tell, me all about the difference between a brazilian and a hollywood wax. All I can say about the hollywood is: OWIE!!

Plan for today: Get hair done, manicure self and generally prepare for tomorrow.

What’s going on tomorrow that requires all this beautification?

Our friends wedding tomorrow in Bradford  (or as they say in Bradford: BraTford. Just think. If I’d carried on with my degree in linguistics – I’d be a cunning linguist by now!!!)

No photographs required, we are going as guests. I can’t wait!

The bride is a friend of mine from college, we studied photography together.  The bride and groom are such a lovely couple, it’s going to  be be a lovely wedding and a lovely marriage, they are very well suited to each other. Aaahh, I love a wedding (it’s a good job innit considering what I do for a living).

M & S are coming as well and so is C and her  lovely old pal Ben.  No romantic interest there so don’t be putting 2 and 2 together because you’ll get it wrong. It’ll do C good to get a break for a day. TTF is supposed to be having the baby overnight – we’ll see.

Ok, I”m away to let the beautifying begin – it might take some time !!


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