It’s here!

No more sleeps, the day of Vik and Kev’s wedding has finally arrived!  I’m so excited!

The sun’s shining, there’s a very light breeze and it’s all just perfect. There’ll be a lot of spitting and polishing going on for the next couple of hours before we set off for Bradford in our best bibs and tuckers. I’ll be taking a small camera to provide evidence so you can see how elegant we all looked.

It’s a safe bet that Vik will be a a far more serene bride than our last one who came last night to look at her proofs. All the way through her slideshow of 422 photos this size 8 bride complained, ‘my arms look huge, my nose is crooked, my chin’s too pointy, I look cold’ blah de blah de blah blah, very tedious to listen to.  She didn’t moan about her actual photos thought which I’m pleased about.  I’ll be happy when this one’s behind us.

Enough of that! Today is a day to be enjoyed, sod the diet, sod work I’m off to make us bacon buttys and a brew.  See you after the weekend.


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