What a weekend – part 2

The evening wore on and people started to drift off to bed. The dance floor was starting to empty which was my cue to get on it and throw a few shapes.  It might have been a mistake trying to dance the can-can, I very nearly had a heart attack during that one! What a hoot! I gave myself a congratulatory high five, as I’d been taught earlier in the day, just for getting through it and not dying.

Here are a couple of M’s pics from earlier in the day, while we still looked half civilised:

The ‘self high five’ consists of raising one arm in the air, standing in a swaggery pose, nodding  twice in a self satisfied way that then raising the other arm to clap. That was very well practiced by many a person during the evening.  As wedding receptions go, suave, sophisticated and restrained it was not. What it was however was fun, friendly and lively.

Music from all three of the weddings in the hotel that day stopped dead at 12.30. It went from blaringly loud to eerily quiet in the space of a minute. Suddenly B and me realised how very, very tired we were and took ourselves off to our room. M & S had given up and gone to bed a couple of hours earlier. Off we went and slept like logs till morning.

The following morning me and B were up surprisingly early. Off we trotted down to breakfast to an almost deserted dining room. The few people who were there looked decidedly delicate. Amazingly, considering we’d drunk our own weight in alcochol, me and B weren’t too bad at all.  Our throats were sore with all the laughing and shouting over the noise of the music – and we were obviously a little deaf as well. I commented to B that the grapefruit was nice, his reply was: “Bakery, I didn’t see a bakery.”  to which I replied: “Gravy? Who said anything about gravy?”  It gave me a fit of the giggles, that.

The bride and groom were already down for breakfast, chatting away and looking very chirpy indeed, and also a couple we have met a couple of times, Chris and Julie. They were sat at the same table  having breakfast. We greeted them all and found a table for four near the wedding party. As we expected, shortly after we arrived, M & S walked in.  Of course out daughter and friend were nowhere to be seen, I can’t begin to imagine what time they got to bed as they took it on themselves to gatecrash all three weddings.

Breakfast was a buffet affair and very nice indeed. Half way through my bacon and eggs (most unusual for me – it’s normally gruel or horse food type stuff) I glanced up and noticed Chris now sat at another table eating breakfast. Later on I saw him queued at the buffet waiting for more eggs to arrive and then later on at another table again, tucking into fruit this time. From now on and for ever more he’ll be known as Chris Fourbrekkies.  My God, I thought I could eat but he takes the biscuit (literally, haha).

C and B eventually surfaced, just before the breakfast buffet closed.  We all took advantage of the late check out and lolled around relaxing for an hour. How nice not to have to run round, eat, pack, leave.

We took a vote and voted 3 – 1 that we’d like to go to the National Media Museum (sorry Stu – outvoted).  Since we were already in Bradford it would have been rude not to. It’s a brilliant museum and although S wasn’t keen to go even he was surprised at how we managed to spend three hours there. Unusually for us, we managed to get there while there were exhibitions on.  Me and B have developed this knack of going while it’s between exhibitions.

The first one was a study of Englishness by (prepare yourself for links overload)  Simon Roberts. It’s been done before  by the Mass Observation Project and by Bill Brandt and latterly by Martin Parr and I’ve no doubt countless others but it was interesting nonetheless.

My favourite exhibition was the one called  ‘Immersion’ by Robbie Cooper. It absolutely fascinated, inspired, scared and angered me all at the same time. I could have spent a lot longer in their. The curator and me had a long discussion about the project. Why not take  look and see what you think?

We had a play in the TV studio’s, waiting for the kids to get the hell off the equipment so we cold have a go.  here’s M doing the weather forecast:

And here’s me skydiving:

We played with all the stuff in the children’s learning zone – obviously only so we could impart valuable knowledge on to our grandchildren. We looked at the various exhibitions. Is it just me or does this camera look like a smiley face:

C had commented that she didn’t like my new haircut, she thought I looked like a lesbian. I didn’t agree with her, I really like it. I have had a bit of a rethink now though. As I was standing in the bookshop at the museum, I was gazing lovingly at a Holga camera and trying to justify buying it when I got well and truly chatted up by a very nice lady!  Might have to grow the hair a bit longer – Im obviously giving out mixed messages!

Before we knew it, we’d been there for nearly three hours. Where did that time go?!

Probably time to go home, probably a good job we did as we were all starting to flag again. The banter in the car coming home was DISGRACEFUL and those involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves!!!!!   What a laugh but can I go to sleep now, please. I’m exhausted!

Oh, no I can’t relax yet. Me and B are off to London today to the Royal Aero Club awards. Prince Andrew will be there to present the awards. I’ve been practising my curtsey all night.  Hopefully, this time when I meet the Prince I won’t get all awestruck and burble like a peasant. The poor chap must have thought I was afflicted, he looked at me as if to say “you gormless peasant’ and walked on by, leaving me feeling like a proper doofus.  I don’t blame him. I’d have walked past me as well!

Better luck this time.


2 thoughts on “What a weekend – part 2”

  1. What a hoot reading your blog has had us in tears of laughter and really given us an insight in to what the commoners got up to on our weddi g day…. Peasants!!!!
    Thanx for the lovely words
    kev and vicky

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