It finally happened!

Major camera failage at a wedding. Thank God we take spares!!

My No 1 camera died on me even before the ceremony had started. Poor old B had to relearn how to use the 20D again in a hurry as I commandeered his 1D for the day.

There was a guest at the wedding who very nearly got a brick round his head. Known in the trade as an ‘Uncle Bob’ he was annoying, rude,interfering, intrusive and in my way! I tripped over him several times as he shot photos over my shoulder after I’d set them up. GGGGRRRRRR!!!!

When he started to rearrange my shots I suffered complete sense of humour failure. Obviously fancied himself as Yervant. I know guests want to take photos and I’ve no issue with that, it’s a special occasion and of course they want to take photos. I’ve even been known to take a batch of guests cameras up my stepladder so I can fling them over the wall take a group shot for them but I don’t expect them to be literally shooting over my shoulder and directing the proceedings. The cheeky bastid even used my  stepladder!!!

I got rid of him when we got to the couples shots, so he sent a kid along with a video camera – I got rid of that bugger as well. He probably doesn’t realise that’s a common ploy that I’m well used to. Even the b & g were pissed off with him.

On the plus side, the rain stayed away, in fact it was a very pleasant afternoon and the b & g are a fabulous couple, I can’t wait to see them again. The photos have all been downloaded and backed up and they look great.

Time for a congratulatory glass of wine.


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