What a carry on!

I’ve just spent the last ten minutes trying to log in to here. So many passwords and usernames to remember!!!

Anyway, I’m here now.

It would have been worth all the hassle if I’d even had anything exciting to tell you but sorry, nothing to report.

I decided to throw myself into  f-f-f-f-fashion and wear my new leggings and long jumper yesterday. The trouble with leggings is ……………oh, oh!!  hang on a minute. I’ve just remembered I have a new reader, C’s friend, Ben *waves* Hi, Ben!   I’m not sure he’s ready for this story, it might leave him psychologically scarred for life.

So, leaving the camel’s toe  alone ( actually, not so much the camel’s toe as the whole bloody camel ) …let’s move on.

Out at doggy boot camp the other night it became really obvious that THE DOG’S A GENIUS!!!

Having missed three weeks of training she still managed to come top of the class and in two weeks will be graduating to the next level.  If only I could get her to walk on the lead and poo directly into the bag she’d be just about perfect.

It was more than a bit lively at the class this week. a stonking great weimaraner was attempting to eat every dog smaller than itself. There was a lot of barking and snarling going on – and that was just the owners!

The plan for today is to not get soaked to the skin at the wedding we’re shooting today. It’s not the nicest venue inside or out so we’re going to have to keep our wits about us looking for suitable locations for the couples  and large group shots.  We’ll need to work like the clappers as well because we’ve only got an hour and a half to get all the photos done before they go in for their meal. No pressure then!  Here’s one of my favourite photos from the last wedding we shot:

Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage

We went down onto the canal for a few photos, a couple of swans that I’d paid earlier turned up at the right moment to add a bit of romance to the proceedings.

Although personally, I think this is a far more interesting image:

Ripples and reflections

I don’t suppose it’ll make it to the album though.


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