If he was a horse they’d have shot him

Poor B isn’t a well boy today.

On top of the sore foot, knee and groin he’s started coughing and sniffling. As I write he’s, snuggled up on the settee feeling very sorry for himself. Poor old B.

Me, on the other hand, have been working like the clappers all day. I’ve already processed all the pics from yesterdays wedding. printed their proof book and exported their slideshow  – as well as processing and printing a reprint order. Damn, I’m efficient when I have no distractions!

I’ve noticed recently that wedding florists seem to be getting a bit less than particular about the condition of the flowers they are sending out. If flowers like this turned up at my wedding I’d send the buggers straight back, it’s disgraceful.  It’s even more disgraceful because I’m the one who’s left to do the photoshopping on it to make it look perfect in the album. Here’s a before and after:

Edited rose

I think I’ll find a good film to watch for the rest of the afternoon before we go off to dance practice tonight.


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