So nearly famous

Not us   – the house.

Remember when I told you that we had a location scout for Coronations St turn up on our doorstep a couple of months ago?  Well that story line is being shown now. You know, the one with Norris and Mary in the holiday cottage in ‘Bronte Country’ I’ve used the commas because I happen to know that it’s actually in the Peak District. It was down to a choice between our house and one in the Peak District.

Guess which one they chose? Ah well, it would have been fun.  We’re enjoying watching the story now we have played a teenyweenytidgy part in it’s creation. Yes, ok, I know we didn’t play any part in it at all but it makes me feel good to think it.

Son, N moved back home today before starting his new, new job tomorrow. Funnily enough we are going to view two houses about 500 yards away from where he’ll be working. That should save him a bit on taxi fares if we buy one of them. I’ll let you know on Wednesday what they were like. The one I favour most ( the most expensive one, obviously) I’m really excited about.   Still no takers for our place though. Anyone want to buy a nice farm in Lancashire?

Talking of any takers…. it’s only ONE MONTH till the Race for Life. Any sponsors will be very much appreciated. Dig deep, folks. I have no intention of running it though. This figure was built for comfort not speed, no, it’ll be a brisk walk for me and Gembolina.

I’ve  been out training with my pedometer, or as son P calls it, paedo-meter, doing my  fast walk. Not  a marathon walker’s  strange, elbows up and hips banging madly from side to side like a demented metronome fast walk. No, mine is a determined, arm swinging yomp while trying not to trip over my walking buddy, the dog, as she leaps about in front of me angling for treats. Funny, last year on the wednesday night walks I found it so  difficult,  there were times when I thought I was going to die. This year, after a few months of dog walking in all weathers and on all terrains I hardly struggle with it at all.

In any case. I need your money for cancer research so pleeeeeeeeeese sponsor me. (Still with the sodding lincoln green I can hear you saying).

Hey, that’s a thought. I’ll even dress as Robin Hood if you sponsor me. I was planning to wear a pink tutu and wig because I didn’t want to look stupid or anything but if it helps to raise money for cancer research……..

OK. Big announcement now:  parpetty  parpy paaaaaaaaaaarrrp (that was a fanfare)

It’s official. My daughter and her friend, B are now an item.  All I can say is YAY!!!!and – it’s lovely to see her happy again.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Ben.

Say hello, Ben

Today they’ve gone off to Blackpool to spend the day on the Pleasure Beach and then to see Derren Brown. B and me bought her the tickets for Christmas. Halfway through the show I got a text message from her saying that she’d had the perfect day and the show was AMAZING!!!!

Baby E is staying here tonight. The poor cats have had a nervous breakdown. Pebbles looked with horrified eyes as this screeching, dribbling baby did the famous knee walk at top speed across the landing towards her. She ran away downstairs and out the door as fast as her arthritic legs would carry her and hasn’t been seen again since. The other cat held his ground and patiently sat as baby screeched, “ca’ ca’ ca’  maaaooooowww” in his ear while trying to chew on his tail and stroke him with banana-ey fingers.

Bought myself some new socks the other day, aren’t they FAB? The goldy bits SPARKLE!!

Super socks. I'll have the soup, please.

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