On the 59th minute of the 11th hour

That’s when B,  ‘The Magician,’   managed to avert disaster by pulling it out of the bag.

Without making all our private business public I can’t give too many details about this. Cryptic messages are always irritating, I know and I apologise for that however, I have to take my hat off to B who has once again worked a small miracle.

Suffice to say that “The Magician’ has nerves of steel and wasn’t scared to take on large and powerful adversaries, or if he was he didn’t show it. Not only did he take them on, he won.

My God! This man could play poker for England!!

It’s funny how you don’t realise how much an issue has been affecting you until it’s all over and the pressure is off. When B gave me the news I just stood and wept like a baby with relief.  Can we just have a bit of stability now for a while, please?

Moving on:

So, what next?  The estate agent who’s house we viewed the other day has just gone. We are putting this house on the market with her because that gives her one hell of an incentive to turn it round quickly, doesn’t it?  Two sale for the price of one!  She came up with the idea of putting the house with two agents; one to cover the Bolton side of things and one to cover this side. Sounds good to me. She’s a  ballsy, highly motivated business woman and she doesn’t take any prisoners. I bet most blokes are terrified of her.  She’s just like most of my friends, I like  really her. Let’s see how she goes on.

Driving down our lane yesterday I was a bit surprised to see a woman walking down the road in pyjamas and a dressing gown. It crossed my mind that she might be a lunatic escapee from the asylum. It wouldn’t be the first time. Mind you, the asylum is in the next town so she’s got a hell of a long way in her slippers if that was the case.

Does my blog meander too much? I already know the answer to that. Yes.

All the blogs I enjoy reading (and there are loads) all tell a single story, they embellish it with detail, pad out the characters and tell stories of everyday happenings in such a way as to make me laugh out loud or weep with them.  They all would have made sooooo much more about the woman in pj’s tale.  Oh well, must try harder.

Do you want me to meander or tell you a single story in every post? Feedback appreciated.


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