Saturday already?

Where on earth has this week gone?

Both B and me wok up at stupid o’clock courtesy of the cat howling outside the door. So much for a lie in.

No work this weekend, I’m glad because it’s a cold and blustery day, miserable weather for a wedding. It’s so overcast that it’s impossible to say where in the sky the sun is. Ha! As I wrote that the sun peeped out from behind a cloud as if to say, “I’m here!’

It’s so cold that B has been searching round on t’interweb for a last minute holiday. Being tight fisted as I am I checked the Money Saving Expert for advice on how to do it on the cheap.  I stumbled across the site last year and it’s a positive goldmine of useful information about saving money. Through following the advice I found in there I saved well over £1000 last year on insurances and the like.  Definitely worth a look.

As usual when the subject of holidays comes up, B wants to head straight for our spiritual home, Lesvos.  Me on the the other hand, while I love going to Lesvos, like to explore new destinations as well. At the moment I’m favouring Croatia (with the money saving expert’s approval of course) or some other Baltic country. What we definitely won’t be doing is going to Spain for £119 (yes, really, £119) and staying in some cockroach infested dump.  We made the mistake of going for the cheapest option a few years ago and it was disgusting. We ended up making one of those sad video’s where you point, stern faced  to the filthy  crockery and bug splatter stains on the walls. The object of the exercise being to provide evidence fro making a complaint to the tour operator on our return home.

I remember that holiday well, We had my Mum with us, she nearly broke her neck getting into the apartment as the light in the windowless corridor was on a timer and unless you were and Olympic runner there was no way you could make it to your room before your time ran out and you were plunged into pitch darkness. Not only was my Mum not an olympic sprinter, she was a bit unsteady on her pins and as blind as a bat. Not a happy Mum.

To make it even worse when we finally made it to our apartment having groped our way down the walls till we found our room. C was only a little girl at the time so she was terrified, we had to stay overly chirpy and make a huge joke of it so as not to frighten her further.  Mum went to the loo (in addition to other ailments she didn’t have the stringest of bladders) and fell straight off the broken toilet seat!!!  She landed on the floor with a hell of a clatter!

DON”T LAUGH!!!  It’s not funny!!!

Ok, it was funny, it was bloody hysterical. Except that she did hurt herself quite badly.

The end result was that we ended up hiring a villa a little way out of town. It was a polar opposite to the first place, luxurious in the extreme. It cost a bloody fortune and it was worth every penny. However, the moral of the story is: Don’t go for the cheapest option because you get what you pay for and it only works out more expensive in the end.

Another holiday  ideas being bandied around are: to hire  a canal boat  down south – I’m a bit ambivalent towards that idea if I’m honest. We used to have a canal boat and it’s fabulous when the weather is nice and bloody grim when it isn’t.  At least if we go abroad we have a fair chance of getting some sunshine.  Conversely, if we stay in England we know we can get home if the Icelandic volcano get uppity again.

So many decisions. You’d think it’d be dead easy to pick a holiday wouldn’t you?  It’s bloody hard work, I’ll need the holiday to recover from the stress of booking it!


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