Busy old weekend

So, the holiday planning isn’t exactly going as we thought. Airspace over half of Europe has been closed again. It makes me a bit nervous about going away anywhere that might involve an aeroplane  especially sine we have a wedding booked for the end of this month. I’d only be fretting the whole time we were away in case we couldn’t get back for it.

The canal boat hire is looking more attractive by the minute.

Why don’t we wait till after he end of the month to go away then?  Well, a monster job is on the horizon for B at work and that will take up most of June so then we’ll be into July……and so it goes on, always something to prevent us going away. Sigh.

Now that we’ve found a house we want to buy I have set to our house in a bid to make it more attractive to the hordes of viewers we are going to get now we’ve put it with a new agent.  Yesterday I painted the ceiling in the hallway to cover up the bare plaster that was left when the builders finished. I say finished, they never did come back in the end to put the job right. I’ve given up on them now.

I hate painting ceilings, the paint doesn’t seem to know it’s supposed to defy gravity and jump onto the ceiling so it runs up my arm and down my side instead. It’s a horrible neck breaking, crappy job.

After painting the ceiling I did all the walls just to freshen them up a bit, it’s amazing how quickly it gets grubby and tired looking.

Next job was the utility room. Indulging in a bit of alchemy by mixing together 3 shades of paint, white, soft yellow and sage green, I came up with a luverley shade of hospital ward green. When I first put it on the wall it looked gruesome against the colour that was already on, taking on a sickly yellowy grey hue. Luckily I persevered with it because it looks really nice now it’s all done.

During the course of the day I got paint EVERYWHERE. Admittedly I did mix the hospital green with my hand  but that doesn’t explain how I got it all over my face, hair, arms, floor, door frames, umpteen cleaning cloths and just about everywhere else. The cleaning up job is bigger than the painting job.

Once all the painting had been finished a nice long shower was in order. before my shower I spent a long time scrubbing as much paint off my body as possible. Even I was a bit surprised to find I’d managed to get paint all over my stomach, how the hell did that happen?

A good shower had me feeling much fresher after the hard work of the day. As I turned the shower off I reached round to get my towel – and dropped it straight into the still full of water shower tray. DAGNABBIT!!   Have you ever tried to get dried on a towel that’s dripping wet? It’s not easy, I can tell you. A quick dash downstairs to get a fresh towel ended up a bit pointless, I’d air dried by the time I got there, scared the cats a bit as well, I think!


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