Seemed like a good idea at the time!!!

“Let’s go on holiday” he said.

“ Can’t afford it”, I said.

“Don’t worry about that.” He said.

So I didn’t.

Monday morning I did a weeks shopping in my favourite budget superstore  (I use the word superstore laughingly).

Monday afternoon as normal I looked after baby E for the afternoon. That was traumatic in the extreme.  Grumpy wasn’t in it. She whinged and whined herself stupid all afternoon.

B phoned me to say he’d found a cruise – more than we’d wanted to pay but a really good deal. It was to take in Several Baltic countries but the highlight was St Petersburg in Russia.  On and off the phone all afternoon I eventually suggested to him that he make  the decision on his own as I’d then discovered the reason for the baby’s grumpness. By then she’d developed a severe case of explosive diarrhoea and I had enough to think about.

Every five minutes or so I’d hear a noise like distant canon fire rapidly followed by a disgusting smell. Further details you don’t need.

Around three o’clock B phoned to say he’d booked us on a cruise leaving the following day – from sodding Dover!

No pressure then.

In addition to the baby sitting stint we had friends due for an early dinner at 5.30 so I was trying to cook their meal:  Don’t worry, Kev and Vik, hands were properly scrubbed after handling the baby and before handling food.

I also had to clean up the debris from the half decorated utility room ready for the estate agent coming on the following Monday – why oh why did the cleaner pick these two weeks to be off? –  give N his instructions for the week, arrange travel insurance, pack, etc.etc.etc…



Kev and Vik came and it calmed me down nicely. Eventually though it was a case of, OK, we love you dearly but: BUGGER OFF!!!!

Getting to bed around midnight, we were up at 5a.m for the journey to Dover.  Not a bad journey all in all, it took us about 6 hours and got us there in time to park the car and get straight on the ship. The NCL Sun.

First impressions were good. The cabin is larger than any other ship we’ve been on and B was thrilled to discover that he could smoke in the cabin (over my dead body), in the casino and certain other parts of the ship.

Second impressions:

My God!  Americans are SOOOOO LOUD!!!!!!   Do they all have a built in megaphone? Can’t they find the volume switch?

Third impressions:

Fookety fook it’s expensive!!!!!!!!!!

My plan to hit the Spa was scuppered  (did you like the nautical reference – very topical) when I realised a basic massage was going to cast roughly £140!!  I told Bob I’d give him a massage for £50 and throw in a happy ending!

As I write this, we are sitting in one of the many lounges, listening to the doleful sound of the fog horn sounding every two minutes, it’s a proper pea souper out there!  Weather wise it’s more than a bit grim. No warmer than 8 degrees and with a stiff Noreasterly breeze blowing.

That hasn’t stopped a group of people determined to enjoy their holiday jumping in the the hot tub on the deck – that’s ok but at some point they’ll have to jump back out. I hope I’m around to see that, it should be funny – it’s PERISHING!!!  We ended up buying coats in Warnemunde yesterday because we were so cold.

Warnemunde, incidentally is fabulous, it reminded me of Talmont, Royan and Saujon all rolled up into one. We had a hysterical 5 minutes trying to buy a sandwich, coffee and cake, the poor assistants tried their best to understand my pidgin German. Laugh? I nearly bought a round!

Well, that’s it for now. There’s loads to tell you so I’ll catch up on our next sea day.  Tallin, Estonia next.  TTFN


One thought on “Seemed like a good idea at the time!!!”

  1. Looking at the web cam this morning Estonia looks like it’s greeting you with nice weather.
    Yesterday the screen blew me away with fog and i could almost here the sirens and i thought thank gawd i’m here at home. I thought it frightening.
    The weather here is cold too, so you ain’t missing much.
    Enjoy the rest of your cruise and i’m looking forward to seeing lots and lots of photographs when you get back.

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