Day One

So, having dashed from one end of the country to the other to get on the ship we needed a day at sea to recover.So really the title is totally misleading, it’s actually day two I’m telling you about.

As I’ve already told you we quickly discovered that it was ludicrously expensive on the ship. A complaint that we were to hear time and time again as the trip progressed.

B opened one of the courtesy bottles of water that were in our cabin so he could take his tablets, only to return two hours later to find a bill for $5!!

Here are a few pics from our first stop in Copenhagen which was closed for a public holiday.

It always makes me laugh that people stick a few tables and chairs outside cafes and pretend it’s Italy.  It’s northern Europe, and 5 degrees, not exactly basking weather. It’s perishing for goodness sake, get real!!

And get real they have.  The Viking tenacity came up with the perfect solution.

Their way of obtaining the cafe culture atmosphere when it’s f-f-f-f-freezing is to provide patio heaters, nice, warm, fluffy blankets to get wrapped up in and lovely sheepskins to sit on  while  sipping coffee and watching the world go by.

A country like this I can relate to!

Of course at some point you have to come out from under the blanket, sheepskins and heaters to continue on your way. MY GOD!!! You don’t half feel the cold then!!

My dinner was an interesting smorgasbord of….er……smorgasbord. I couldn’t identify everything, neither did I like everything but it was certainly interesting.

We quite wanted to see the Little Mermaid , we hopped on to the hop on – hop off tourist bus. On the way there we were told that the Little Mermaid has been shipped to Shanghai but we could take photos of the rock she usually sits on – and do you know what? People did – in droves.

We found ourselves at the palace in time for the changing of the guard. They do say it’s a sign of age when policemen look young. These boys were just babies!

I just happened to be stood in the right place for this photo, lucky eh? On the spot coverage!!


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