A few more piccies for you

Don’t you just love being forced to look at other people’s holiday photos?  Here are a few more.

We kept seeing these jobbies trundling about.  B of course was dying to have a go on one but we couldn’t find out where they were coming from.

This pic is in totally the wrong place. It was taken before we even got on the ship and it’s me with my bag of shoes, and I still ended up buying more!

I ordered the scallops for dinner. Not likely to get fat on this am I?   The food was gorgeous and of course being a ship, plentiful. I saw one American bird eat three starter, yep, three, count ’em, a main course and two puddings. Hell, I thought I could eat but I was a beginner next to this one.

Every evening in one of the main restaurants there was a chilled fruit soup on the menu. I tried the chilled peach soup only to discover that it was basically milk shake in a bowl. Ho hum.  The wine of the day that day was Taittinger as only $16 a glass. Didn’t bother with that one.  Bob went round devouring everything that even looked vaguely like it may contain chocolate. I nearly had to ring chocoholics anonymous for him.

Saw this sign while we were in Copenhagen. I thought I’d print it and stick it over the bed on B’s side. I’m pretty certain it doesn’t mean what it says in English. It probably means, put your dog poo here.


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