Still on holiday…

Warnemunde, Germany.  What a brilliant place, I loved it.  Not only that but I managed to pick up the perfect blingy flip flops for me and B’s re-affirmation of vows in October. I don’t want to say renewal of vows because they don’t need renewing – they haven’t worn out!

As I said in an earlier post, parts of Warnemunde reminded me of Saujon/Royan there was a lovely atmosphere. It was still bloody cold though, we ended up buying very nearly matching his and hers anoraks just to keep the chill out. We obviously weren’t the only ones who bought coats in town. We realised that dozens of other people had the same coats on. It was starting to look like a uniform. Oh well, I suppose it made it easier for the crew to spot anyone who went missing on a tour.

The Americans were dead easy to spot in any case, the starts and stripes emblems on their clothes, the gleaming white trainers and the slightly too short, crimplene or velour slacks in pastel colours that the ladies favoured  all gave a way their nationality.

Here’s a pic of the ‘sun deck’ on the ship that morning:

Oh! A life on the ocean wave.....tra la la la la la la

That poor chap running for cover sums it up beautifully, it was foggy, windy and perishing cold.  Oh well, can’t have everything I suppose.

Best chippy ever

The food in Warnemunde was ace. I loved this chippy. Then when we got peckish again, there was always the smoked fish.  The fish were being smoked right there on the dock, they smelt delicious, much better than they looked actually. The whole market was a gorgeous mix of smells, accents, shops which included as you’d expect an abundance of tourist shops and also a few artisan shops and of course the market for the locals. I could easily have spent a couple of days there. Put it on the list!!

The poor sods who signed up for the trip to Berlin spent three hours on the train each way, had to get up stupidly early for the privilege and paid an arm and a leg to be raced around the city. I think we had a much nicer time.

Fancy a quick bite, anyone?

After we strolled round the market and the old town we headed off to the beach. I loved theses little changing huts. By this time the wind was whistling round our ears but at least the sun had come out – a bit.

warnemunde beach changing huts

We eventually made our way back to the ship. At the port we noticed lots of sand sculptures, some of which were being worked on as we went by. They were amazing! The artists just worked from a sketch drawing and were so precise – and quick. They obviously had had lots of practice at making these. I was sooooo impressed!

sand sculptures in warnemunde

I could have watched them for ages but hunger and cold got the better of me so we went back on board for afternoon tea in one of the many excellent eating places.

In the cabin was a little mouse made from a flannel. Sweet!!

squeeky squeek SQUEEEEEKK???!!! (That's mouse for: How much???!!!)

I was really taken with it till I saw the little sign tucked underneath it saying, ‘your cabin steward has delighted you so why not delight him and show your appreciation by giving him money.’ Ok, that’s not a direct quote but it was near enough.  Um, did we not ‘show our appreciation’ to the tune of £78 each before we even got on board?

Tipping became a real issue for lots of the brits on board. We all thought the £78 each we paid was supposed to cover all tips but it seemed that it only covered the cabin stewards. I want more than a sodding mouse for 156 quid, mate!   Everything else we did or bought had an extra 15%  autogratuity added to it. “For your convenience.”  For who’s convenience?  Not mine, I think.

When prices are already three times (and a couple of times 10 times higher) than you’d pay at home to have an extra 15% added to everything was more than a little irritating.  Lot’s of people, not just Brits, felt that we were being robbed blind as only a captive audience can be. Feedback has been sent. Not only feedback but several people we spoke to had already started to compose their ‘strongly worded letter’ to NCL to post on their return home.  Joke of the week was to come up with an alternative acronym for NCL. That caused much hilarity in various bars late at night.  Favourites included:

NCL: No Cash Left


NCL: Naff Cruise Line


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