Have you had enough yet?

Bored of my holiday tales yet?

Good because here’s a bit more.

B and me made a booking in the teppenyaki restaurant.  Teppenyaki! Food cooked and served by a NINJA!!!! I couldn’t wait.

I forget where we’d been that day but as had quickly become our habit we had a kip when we got back to the ship before showering and dressing for dinner. Now when I say dress ing for dinner, let’s not get too excited about this. B had taken along his dinner suit (tuxedo to you yanks) and I’d taken along a couple of evening dresses.  The night for formal dining was announced as…wait for it….  “Dress up, or not. Whatever.”

Excuse me?  Whatever?

99% of the people on the ship chose the ‘whatever’ option and didn’t even get out of their jeans and trainers. Some  made a bit of an effort and put on a casual jacket. B ended up putting on his DJ and then taking it off again as he felt so out of place. We only saw one man, British, of course, in full evening dress and I congratulated him on keeping up the standards.

Me? I went for the full on bling evening dress. me and B love the formal nights, how disappointing that no one else could be bothered.  Wha’ evah.

Anyway, back to the plot.

There was a dance show on in the theatre that I’d wanted to see.   Dear oh dear, it reminded me of C’s A level theatre studies project, lot’s of girls prancing in silly costumes and trying to look meaningful. We lasted about 20 minutes in there before we left and realised we’d missed our appointment with the ninja. NNNNOOOOO! Fancy missing a ninja for a crap show like that.

Dashing to the top deck we arrived at the restaurant full of apologies (not least because it was going to cost us $25 if we were there or not) the manager was lovely and told us he’d take care of the fee and to come back on another night.  Whta a nice man.

We did eventually make it to the teppenyaki restaurant and it was worth the wait. The chef was brilliant and provided far more theatre with his cooking than that silly dance troupe. He was juggling eggs and caught  one in his chef’s hat!  Heheheeeee. I’m so easily amused.  If you ever get the chance to go to a teppenyaki restaurant you should go because it’s great fun.

Of course B nearly starved to death once again. The snow peas arrived and he looked at them in disgust. The miso soup he looked at, sniffed, stirred and pushed away. The same applied to the salad with the lurid pink dressing.  Then the chef arrived and the performance began, he was an engaging young man with a bright smile and  and a lovely mannner. He prepared our fried rice as if it was a comedy act. He chopped, sliced, juggled and amazed us with his dexterity  – and the fact that he hadn’t lost at least three of his fingers during his career.

I’m happy to report that B did enjoy the steak so he didn’t leave completely hungry. As normal he’d ordered a fillet steak and I was a bit concerned when I saw various oils and seasonings being added to it as he doesn’t normally enjoy food with flavour.  To my utter amazement he loved it and devoured every bit. Mind you, he was probably so hungry at that point he’d have eaten a scabby donkey  – having turned down everything else on offer. I opted for steak and chicken, I don’t know what magic ingredients that chef put on it while he was juggling and spinning pots and knives but it was absolutely delicious.

Bang, clatter, rattle, toss, chop, chop, chop, ha so!
Careful! Ninja at work

Pudding was mango and pistachio ice cream wrapped in rice. Very delicate and the perfect end to a meal that was definitely one of the  highlights of the trip.

There was another couple in with us, a very nice American couple who told us all about the excitement of the night before. A helicopter had been called to winch a person with appendicitis off the ship. It was all nail biting stuff and it all happened within a few yards of this couple’s balcony.  B and me missed all the excitement because we were sat in the observation lounge. I do fully realise the irony of that last sentence.

My favourite destination of the cruise has to be Tallin, Estonia. What a charming place.   I haven’t really got a lot to say about it other than we spent a very happy and relaxed few hours there – and I cut my leg quite badly on a pile of slates but hey ho – can’t hold that against it.  Here are a few photos:

Tyres? Nah! Tyres are for wimps
beautiful old door
Seems a bit unfriendly
Church in Tallin, Estonia
Not a TK Maxx in sight

When we got back to the ship we noticed that a HUUUUUGE great ship, twice the size of ours had parked (docked?  moored? berthed??)  next to ours. Looking at it though I thought our entrance and exit facilities were a bit more user friendly.


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