A few of my favourite things

Just to round it all off here are a few more holiday snaps.

Bloody seagulls

The chap under this big umbrella was a fantastic photographer and all round nice chap, JC Jordan I ended up buying his book and I’ve spent many a happy hour looking through it and planning our next trip to Finland since we got back.

Church in a rock

This place took my breath away. Also in Finland, it’s a church built into the hillside. Hey!! That makes it a troglodyte church!  Anyway, it’s stunning, go and see it if you ever get chance.

The ceiling of the church in a rock

Otherwise known as Temppeliaukion kirkko, church in a rock is far easier to say. This was the ceiling – as it says in the photo.

church in a rock interior
church in a rock interior
Roof of the church in a rock
copper ceiling
Santa's Minimarket, Helsinki

After all that godliness, this shop brought us back to earth with a laugh.

Then it was time for lunch in one of the many food stalls on the market. Take on the seagulls at your own risk!!  The food was delicious.

Food Market, Helsinki

After lunch it was time for another walk round. We found this beautiful cathedral. I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember what it’s called, I was getting a bit churched out by this time.

White Cathedral, Helsink

Meanwhile, back in Russia – it continued to be a land of huge contrasts:

Blocks of flats in St Petersburg
Interior of Palace in St Petersburg
Horse in armour

I turned round at one point in the armoury room in The Hermitage in St Petersburg to see this looming over me. I nearly had a kitten!!

Well, that’s really it, folks. Unless you want more photos and bitchin’ stories coz I’ve got a pocketful of them. All in all it was a great holiday, I’d have liked to spend more time in each place to really get a feel for it but at least we’ve had a taster of each place so we know what to expect if we go back. Finland and Estonia were definitely my favourite places on this trip. I’ll be watching Easyjet etc. for cheap weekend flights.

Oh well, time to get back into real time I suppose.


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