Race for Life

We did it then. Me and Gembolina completed the Race for Life. Actually, such a lot of fuss, it was only 5 K  I do more than that with the dog on a daily basis. Mind you, the atmosphere was amazing. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to do it again next year and see if I can beat my time of 40 minutes.

Some of those girls in the race could be arrested for crimes against fashion and wearing offensive leggings. I still shudder at the sight of the well built girl with the tights that she obviously bought thinking they were leggings – and the waaaaay too small white knickers she had underneath them. Would it have been a kindness to tell her halfway round the course that the ‘leggings were stretched so thin around the um, backside department that they were transluscent?   Probably not.

The poor girl would then have walked the rest of the course dying a thousand deaths knowing that next weeks washing was being pointed at and mocked by the whole world, well, maybe not the whole world, just the other 1699 entrants.  Her friend and partner in crimes of fashion had the foresight to cover up her transluscent leggings and thong with a teeny tiny tutu that amounted to little more than a frill.

I of course was a picture of sartorial elegance, as you can see.

Before the Race for Life

I felt positively elegant in my tutu, fairy wings, slightly too small Race for Life T shirt that made me look like Jessica Rabbit in the boob department (actually I’m not sure I’d like to look like a rabbit no matter how curvaceous)  and sparkly socks. One has to keep up the standards, you know.

gerbera tattoo

P & G had decided to take the dog along to join in all the fun so I took her round the course with me. As we crossed the finish line I asked if she could have a medal as well because she’s a girl and she completed the race.  I didn’t really think she’s get one but she did!   I have got a pic of P from work who jogged the course and finsihed in 36 minutes. I can’t tell you what an enormous achievement this was for her – I’m so proud of her I could just weep. Well done PW -Winklepop!!!!

Me n P before the race
We did it!!

All proudly wearing our medals.


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