Summertiiiiiiiiiiiime and the living is……

Bloody hard work actually!

Loving this sunshine, I spend most of my time following the shade round but I’m still loving it.

B and me have been gardening since 9 this morning, it’s now 5.20 and I’m shattered, dirty and need to get to work preparing a bbq for some of the family coming up later.

C’s new partner has been dubbed ‘Pimms youth’  because he’s not ready for a full grown up Pimms yet – it goes to his head waaaay too quickly!  Nice chap – I like like him but ssssshhh  don’t tell him. Can’t have him getting too comfortable too soon – can we?

So – working on the basis that I have to have yet another shower and family are coming up within the hour and I have nothing prepared – why am I on here blogging?

Can’t come up with a good answer so I’d better go and crack on with my chaores.

See ya tomorrow, I’ll have some nice pics of the dog as well. They were a collaborative effort between me and P.


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