Friday already?

Apart from the fact that I can still hardly walk I’m really looking forward to today. Me and my friend Maddi are off to the Trafford Centre. I haven’t been there for ages and ages!!

I’ve seen a couple of dresses that I think will be lurverley for when me and B re affirm our vows in November so I’m doing an advance recce with Maddi and then I’ll go with my girls for the final say so (maybe).

Doggy boot camp was fun last night, the dog is an absolute genius!!!  Next week she has to take and exam -don’t know how she’ll go on with the written part. hehe.  One of our neighbours takes her bonkers border collie to the same class and after school she came down to ours for a brew (cup of tea to non lanky folks. When I first moved her as a small child I’d never heard the expression, ‘brew’ before, it conjured up all sorts of images of witches and cauldrons. I was so disappointed to find out what it really meant).  While we sat outside enjoying the late evening calm and quite a prettty sunset after a grim day, the dogs took it in turns to chase each other round in circles at breakneck speed. Of course poochie gave up first because she’s 3 years older and a lot less wiry that a year old border collie.

During the class the trainer had mentioned about some of the handlers having less experience than others so at the end I told him that I’ve never had a dog and I haven’t got one now. He looked at me with incredulity and enquired as to why I was training her if she wasn’t mine. He seemed more than happy with my answer that as I’m the dog walker I need to know she’ll behave.  I’m not terribly sure about his suggestion that I take over as the alpha in the pack, it’d be different if she lived with me but at the end of the day she’s still P’s dog and I think it’s only right that he’s in control. Just my opinion.

Poochie stayed over at our house last night because now she’s in the grown up class I’m not getting home till almost 10 pm.  When the cats realised she was staying they both looked in horror and after being scooted off the landing to go out for their late night pee they flatly refused to come back in again. Oh, that’s going to cost me. They’ll be venting their fury at the dog being in the house in their usual manner – by scratching at the stairs carpet till it’s in shreds.  Just tell me again why we have pets?


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