A few random photos for you

There have been a few things going on this last little while, Great Harwood agricultural show was brilliant. Here are a few belated pictures.

I’ve never seen a hunt master in his hunting pinks and a pack of hounds before. As much as I don’t agree with fox hunting I must admit that the horse and hounds make an impressive sight.

Horse and hounds
Three generations

Here is C and B looking somewhat less than intelligent. I’m not sure what was going on – no one said there was a gurning competition.

Olive Oyl and Desperate Dan in a gurning competition
Very elegant show jumping
Not so elegant - the welly throwing competition

These next few photos are from my walks with poochie:

One of our favourite walks takes us through the woods, over the fields and behind the cemetery,  there is a steep slope and at the bottom of it is this tree all decorated with teddy bears, silk flowers and notes to loved ones who have passed away.  Although many of the items on the tree have clearly been there for a very long time, new items are added regularly.  Very bizarre.

flower tree

Here’s a closer look:

flower tree 2

Further round on this same walk we have to cross the orange stream:

Orange stream

One of our other walks takes us through sunny hurst woods and down by the lake. Usually at this point the dog gets stricken by deafness and she can’t hear a thing as I’m shouting to her to keep away from the water:

poochie swimming

Ah, we live such exciting, adrenalin fuelled  lives here, betcha wish you lived on the edge like we do  haha.


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