You’ll have to be quick to keep up

There is so much going on at the moment my feet are hardly touching the ground.

My poorly back is being drugged into submission so normal service has been resumed (as long as I don’t have to twist or get into high cars or bend down or…..or…or…)

The dog agility class was brilliant fun, I haven’t had so much fun for ages. Did I mention that I don’t actually like dogs? How did all this stuff happen? Anyway, poochie took to it like a duck to water and after minimal tuition was leaping over jumps, climbing the A frame and  weaving through posts, the dog’s a genius!!!  I can’t wait til next week. Our neighbour who attends the same classes as us with her dog, Lassie has a huge garden that she’s intending to kit out with agility equipment for the dogs to play on.

Today was shopping with my old colleague from my image consultant days.  A swift trot round Boundary Mill saw us scooping all up sorts of goodies at stupidly reduced prices. It’s nice to spend a ‘dressy up’ day with her, all too often these days I’m in scruffs, it made a nice change to dress up a bit.  The plan was to buy accessories for the ‘wedding’ dress I got last week. We got some goooooooooorgeous sandals which are just perfect. Now all I need is necklace and earrings and the whole ensemble is complete – and still with 4 months to go. How’s that for organised?

Talking of 4 months to go till the big holiday/renewal of vows  I’ve been getting a bit stressy about making all the arrangements  via email and having nightmares about us turning up on the day and there being nothing there. ” We could do to go for a recce.” I said. “Hahaha.” Bob said.

This evening I decided to see what I could get for the  airmiles I’ve  been saving for about 10 years and never cashed in. One quickish phone call (if you don’t count the 7 minutes I spent on hold waiting for them to answer) later and we had the most amazing deal on a holiday in St Lucia on the table. They were almost paying us to go!!!   I only phoned for information!   After a  quick conflab with B , who couldn’t believe how good a deal it was either, we have booked it and we’re going in September.  Now I’m having palpitations at our impulsiveness, two impulse holidays booked in as many months? What’s going on? It normally takes us weeks to make a decision like this.  I need to lie down in a darkened room, I think.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  ! !!  ! ! !!!!!!

Days like today I can deal with, bring ’em on!!!


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