Sausages and ham

Sausage fingers!!

Don’t know how or what but OW. I suspect the culprit to be a horse fly although I felt nothing at the time. My hand and arm are experiencing tingling burny itchiness combined with shooting pains up my arm. Does that sound good to you?  No, it doesn’t  to me either. I  can’t even bend my finger now. Bloody hell, I just about get the back sorted out and something else goes awol.

Talking of going awol – tomorrow I’m going to have the pig that’s been growing out of the side of my leg removed. The technical name for it is a skin tag but it looks like a pig to me and I’ll be glad to be rid of the disgusting thing. Our GP does a cryo clinic and he’s going to freeze the damn thing off.

My frameless glasses that I was prompted to buy through pure vanity are a bloody nuisance. Every time I put the buggers down they’ve disappeared and I can’t find them again.  I could do with them having one of those little jobbies on them that key rings have so when I clap my hands they make a noise. Now there’s a good invention!!


A s I write this it’s 3.15 in the  anti meridian, the aforementioned sore hand has now expanded to resemble a whole ham and the pain is ridiculous. Of course, for the first time in weeks B is a completely snore free zone and I’ve spent the last 3 hours listening to him quietly snoozing while I’ve tried to ignore my discomfort and get some shuteye.

I eventually decided the only course of action was to get up, take some paracetamol and wrap an ice pack round my hand to attempt to reduce the swelling. Carefully placing the ice in a carrier back before wrapping it in a tea towel, I wrapped it round my hand making sure that the ice was all where it needed to be then I waited for the pain and swelling to subside while I whiled away some time on facebook.

Soon the inevitable happened, the ice began to melt against the volcanic heat of my hand. |It was at this point that I realised that the carrier back has fooking breathing holes in it, a fact I discovered as icy water found it”s way out of the bag and down my leg. It didn’t half make me jump. A quick rearrange of all the component parts sorted it all out.

Ho hum. No point going back to bed, might as well enjoy watching the sun rise.


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